Sunday BBQ + Swim @ Azure Pool Bar & Cafe, Le Meridien Kota Kinabalu

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 (Photos by @curiostraveller unless stated otherwise)

LMKK - Chef Romeo Firing Up the BBQ at Azure

“We want to provide a space for families and friends to create moments in Azure that could last a life time. Sunday BBQ + Swim at Azure undeniably provides the best environment, best food for an extraordinary bonding time with family and friends”-Rachael Harman, General Manager, Le Meridien Kota Kinabalu.


..tempting aqua blue pool..

Crystal clear, aqua blue swimming pool, alluring aroma from the smokey BBQ station and great jazzy performance by the Azure Band were what we saw, smell, hear and experienced when we recently visited Azure Pool Bar & Cafe. It was pretty sunny Sunday and kids (as well as the adults) were happily in the waters of Azure’s pool. The mothers were like entertaining themselves with great food and music, talking and gossiping. Business people were in their casual fitting and looked seriously talking about something but still helping themselves with the delectable BBQ Station offerings.

Couples, appreciating their meals romantically. The singles, well, they were like sitting quietly but then still trying to finish all the grilled lamb and prawns that they took from the BBQ station. There were some big families that never left their dining table (for 2 hours or so), eating, laughing and talking, repeat the process, they did the right thing, being happy! Unauthorized kids were tempted to jump into the pool but the mothers were like tailing them and directing them to the buffet station again. Come on, let them go into that super awesome pool! The 2 amazing performers kept singing from their heart, presenting mostly soulful & jazzy songs.

What a beautiful Sunday! I was observing every single people that day. They seemed to enjoy themselves pretty much, with the exception of that unlucky kids who were not given permission by the mothers to go into that pool. Though the weather started to changed in the late afternoon, some kids were still in the pool, happily soaking themselves. It rained but that did not stop everyone to enjoy the great food and music.


I was like thinking and blaming myself..why on earth I did not get my super big family here? No worries, there is always Sundays after Saturdays. I will get them here pretty soon and see which of my nieces or nephews get barred by their mothers from entering the tempting crystal clear water. Which aunt will talk the loudest and gossip about the neighbors or which one of us is the champion of eating BBQ items, as much as possible.

About Sunday BBQ + Swim


Following the launch of Azure Pool Bar & Cafe in February 2016, Le Meridien Kota Kinabalu now offer Sunday BBQ + Swim for families and friends to enjoy a great Sunday afternoon by the pool, it is priced at RM59nett  per person. Children below 5 years of age dine for free and children age  from 6 to 12 years old get 50% discount. It is available from 12.00-15.00 on Sunday with full access to the new renovated pool. It is a known fact that the city’s diners are readily enticed and excited when presented with tempting treats to sample.

Beverage menu..

LMKK - Azure Sunday BBQ

Azure’s BBQ live BBQ Station, Pasta Station, Chinese Station, appetizers and colorful desserts. BBQ Stations features the freshest seafood, meats and vegetables from prawn, chicken, beef and lamb to potatoes and vegetable skewer. Sunday BBQ at Azure Pool Bar & Cafe aims to uplift a Sunday afternoon for the entire family and be the gathering place for friends. While enjoying great food and refreshing drinks at Azure, dive into refreshing depths of the aqua blue outdoor pool, soak up a breathtaking views of the South China Sea and let all worries float away.

LMKK - Kids Choosing Ice-Cream at Azure Sunday BBQ + Swim

Our Experience

Touring around Azure…


First time for us at the Azure Pool Bar & Cafe. Never been here before. We came with one intention, to experience the Sunday BBQ + Swim. First thing that we did was to go around the Azure Pool Bar & Cafe. We’re absolutely thrilled! We love sharing, so let’s take a tour around this place, shall we?

The Food

Do take note that the menu on some counters will be rotated each week. You might be seeing some other food items if you come here later. What you are about to see in this entry are foods being served on Sunday, July 24, 2016.

Prawns for you?
Salad counter
Juicy Watermelon!
Salad dressing…
Yummy Chocolate Brownies!

Entertainment by the Azure Band

While guests enjoying good food at Azure, the Azure Band entertained the crowd by singing some pretty lovely jazzy and soulful songs. The performers are Stephanie on vocal while Gordon is with his guitar. Here are 2 videos showing them performing during the 1st Azure’s BBQ+Swim on July 24, 2016.





Our Thoughts 

We have the same tone as Rachael Harman, The General Manager of Le Meridien Kota Kinabalu. We think that this particular Sunday BBQ provides the best for family and friends in terms of environment, food and even music! These elements will surely make things super exciting for family members and friends to get together and enjoy the afternoon in a casual way. The adults may talk about business or things that they like. The kids on the other hand get to dip into the awesome swimming pool and have fun. Even strangers can become friends here. Why not?

Perhaps this is the only place in Kota Kinabalu that offer Sunday BBQ+Swim on Sunday. The offer is open to all, even to those not staying at Le Meridien. The price tag, RM59 is definitely worth for the food, music and swim BUT always remember that bonding time with family and friends, priceless. Don’t just sit and relax at home, come here, we strongly recommend this place for you, your family and friends. We’ve been here. We know what we are recommending.

The food line-up might not be as great (in quantity) as you can find at the Latest Recipe daily buffet line-up. However, it is sufficient, at least by our standard as you can actually have as much as you want to. It’s buffet anyway! All food that we tried were of high quality. I personally love the grilled prawns while @curiostraveller favorite, none other than the grilled chicken. For the beverage, we do recommend soft drinks (if you are not into alcohol). It will only cost you RM20 and it’s refillable for 3 hours! How cool is that!

The Azure Band performed excellently, singing from their heart, not that loud as not to annoy guests. We both love their songs selection.  Yup, we are jazzy people. That’s why. We do hope to come here again, with our super big family of course and be mesmerized with Stephanie’s soothing vocal and the sound of Gordon’s acoustic guitar. The pool? Way big and definitely great for both adults and kids. On sunny day, this pool is where you want to be in to escape from the heat.

Staffs were polite, friendly, helpful and most importantly, attentive. Chefs and their assistants worked pretty hard to ensure that foods were being refilled from time to time. Waiters went around to ensure that all guests were happy with their beverage selections. All staffs looked presentable and had the highest positive working attitude. Great service!

In need to have the same experience? Head to:

Azure Pool Bar & Cafe (Level 2)
Le Meridien Kota Kinabalu
Jalan Tun Fuad Stephens
Sinsuran, Kota Kinabalu
88000 Sabah, Malaysia
Tel : + 60 88 322 238

Facebook: Click HERE

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