Longest Sungkai Buffet 2016 @ Dorsett Grand Labuan

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Serving 220 food items to delight guests taste buds, Victoria’s Brasserie @ Dorsett Grand Labuan claimed to have the Longest Sungkai Buffet in Wilayah Persekutuan Labuan. We both traveled all the way to Labuan from Kota Kinabalu just to be able to break fast here and see for ourselves if the Sungkai Buffet is really ‘Long’ enough as suggested by the name/theme in the Dorsett Grand Promotional Banner. For most people, this post might be a bit too late to be published as Ramadhan month is over. It’s Syawal Month now. However, this write-up has one long run objective. This write-up will enable future guests in 2017 to compare the products(foods) offered in 2016.

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Buffet Stations (Sungkai Buffet @ Victoria’s Brasserie)


Take note that we visited this place for break fast on July 2, 2016. The buffet line up/stations might be a bit different during earlier stage of Ramadhan Month. The Map above is just an illustration of what we saw and experience on the day of our visit. It is not drawn according to the precise scale. Altogether, there were 7 stations when we visited Victoria’s Brasserie on July 2, 2016. Each station had different food items and we were amazed with the way the foods being presented on the table. The dining area were divided into 5 sections.

Station 1


The first station that we saw was the Dessert Station. There were various stations that served dessert but this particular station offered the most sought type of dessert especially for the kids.


Ice Cream and ABC/Shaved Ice with plenty of flavors/condiments available for guests to choose! Look at that colorful condiments for the ABC. Surely a station not to be missed in Sungkai 2017. Still long way to go ya? Trust us, you won’t realize how time flies actually. If you are in Labuan during Ramadhan month next year (2017), this is the ultimate place for your Iftar. You don’t want to miss consuming that colorful dessert.


Next to the ABC station, there’s a special counter where guests were served Mi Kari/Mee Curry. Named as Noodle Station, this delectable Malaysian Mee Curry offered the best spicy curry soup that we ever had. There’s also Fried Yellow Mee offered next to this station.

There were some tables at the Dining Area near to Station 1. Lucky those seating at this particular area as they’re nearby to the Ice Cream Station!

Station 2


This particular station offered delicious Dim Sum, Chicken Rice (Roasted and Steamed Chicken), Roti Canai, Martabak Sayur, Fish Curry, Eggplant Massala and Vegetable Jalfrezi. We tasted the Chicken Rice and we were amazed by the tenderness of the meat as well as the rice. The dipping sauce(s) were good too!

Station 3


This particular station offered Middle East Cuisine such as Chicken Mandy Rice, Fish Maktoom with Tahina, Lubyi Bil Lahm (Green Bean  and Chicken Shawarma with condiments. There were some Middle East dipping sauce served as well such as Babaganoush and Hummus.

Chicken Shawarma

Station 4


The first display at Station 4 was this awesome Gear Box with condiments. Guests flocked to this station the whole evening as everyone wanted to taste the ‘powerful’ Sup Tulang.


Next to the Gear Box station was the line up for the Malaysian favorite Beef and Chicken Satay (Sate) with condiments. Next to it, the delicious Roasted Whole Lamb. We managed to taste both Sate and Roasted Lamb and the meats were tender. We love the gravy too!


There was a special corner in Station 4 where guests were served some amazing Tempura items. Selected ingredients such as mushrooms and prawns were dip into the specially made batter before being fried. All of em’ were crispy but tender inside.

Tempura Items


Guests lining up to get their Tempura (s).

Images above and below are the outdoor dining/seating area(s) near to Buffet Station 4.

Station 5


This was the counter that guests keep coming back for more. Station 5 offered various kind of beverages such as Neslo Ice, Blue Lagoon, Mixed Fruit Juice, Sirap Pisang Susu, Air Lychee and Air Bandung. We both love the Blue Lagoon as it was so refreshing!


Not far from the beverages selection, were the Hot Beverages and some local snacks such as Serunding, Nasi Himpit and fruit pickles. At the back side of this station were the local healthy foods.


Hot Beverages selection


Fruit Pickles





Various selections of traditional and healthy foods from Malaysia. The main serving was the Malaysian Ulam-ulaman followed by the condiments such as Budu, Sambal Mangga, Sambal Ijou, Sambal Belacan and Cencaluk.

Station 6


Station 6 served Steamed White Rice with main dishes and some appetizers.


The front section of station 6 served Malaysian Kuih Muih such as Curry Puff, Lenggang, Koci, Talam, Lapis and many more. Plenty of Kurma available for guests.


Close-up look at the front section of Station 6


There’s also a section for breads served together with packed Butter.


Guests lining up to get their favorite dishes.

Baked Fish with Spicy Tomato Sauce/Ikan Bakar bersama Sambal Tomato
Chicken with Lemon Sauce
Beef Ginger/Daging Masak Halia

Station 7


Station 7 definitely a ‘Heaven’ for those craving for desserts. Long line-up of amazing mouth watering desserts and the staffs had to keep refilling all the serving trays as guests kept lining up getting the delicious dessert!


Mango Pudding & Blueberry Pie 


Pineapple Upside Down Cake, Pandan Layer Cake & Strawberry Mousse Cake



Red Watermelon. Yellow Watermelon and Guava


Pineapple, Papaya, Limau Bali/Pomelo

Healthy Option

We’re amazed to get a big surprise from Sous Chef, Reynold Hermes Ronald. He presented to us a fine presentation of Malaysian Traditional and Healthy food with Ulam-Ulaman/Greens as the main. The ulam-ulaman were made of fresh Pegaga, Ulam Raja, Eggplant, Cucumber, Tomato and Okra/Kacang Bendi.

Sous Chef Reynold Hermes Ronald, Thank you Chef!
Amazing presentation by Chef Reynold


Ulam-ulaman, Papaya Salad & Sengkuang Salad


Mango Salad, Kerabu Sambal Tempe & Sambal Ijou


Sambal Budu, Sambal Cencaluk and Budu

We know that the same option can be found at the Buffet Station 5 but to be served by the Sous Chef, in different plates was an honor for us. We will be writing a separate article featuring these amazing Healthy and Traditional Food for @kulafoods Australia.

Our Thoughts

Was the Sungkai Buffet long enough as suggested by the name?

Yes. The Sungkai Buffet 2016 @ Victoria’s Brasserie, Dorsett Grand Labuan was indeed the longest in Labuan. We are pretty sure that the management will be lining up more interesting Longest Sungkai Buffet for 2017, that being the main reason we wrote up this article so that future guests in 2017 will be able to see the amazing line-up for 2016.

Did we like the foods and beverages served during our visit?

Yes. We love all the foods presented on the Buffet Stations counters. Though we did not consume each of em’, we know that the foods presented were of high quality in terms of presentation and taste. Again, we are pretty sure that the management will think of something extraordinary for the Sungkai Buffet in 2017.

Do we recommend our readers/followers to come for the Sungkai Buffet 2017?

If you happen to be in Labuan during Ramadhan month in 2017, we highly recommend this place for your Iftar. We recommend this particular iftar for 2017 to the non muslim guests too. It is a good way to be familiar with the local/Malaysian food. Victoria’s Brasserie is a great restaurant for whole day dining too. You don’t have to wait until Sungkai Buffet in 2017, get here and indulge in their amazing daily themed buffet as well as wide choice from their ala carte menu.

Were we served accordingly by the staffs at Victoria’s Brasserie?

All staff that we met during the Sungkai Buffet 2016 on July 2, 2016 were friendly, polite, helpful, worked from their heart and most importantly they smiled genuinely. We were amazed by the way the staffs worked from their heart, they worked professionally and although the restaurant was quite full with guests that evening, they maintained their positive attitude.

Will both of us be coming for the Sungkai Buffet in 2017?

Definitely we will be coming. We want to see for ourselves and consume the best food during that time. In fact, we will be patronizing this restaurant more often, each time we visit Labuan. We trust 100% in Victoria’s Brasserie ability to deliver the best to its guests.

Thank you so much for having us one of the many guests during Sungkai Buffet 2016 on July 2, 2016. We were again delighted by the generosity of the Management to offered us complimentary Coffee Latte and Rainbow Cheese Cake. For future guests, both items are available whole day at Victoria’s Brasserie, Dorsett Grand Labuan.

Coffee Latte
Rainbow Cheese Cake

We HIGHLY recommend Victoria’s Brasserie as an excellent dining outlet in Labuan Town. We recommend the same place for your Iftar/Buka Puasa in 2017 (If you happen to be in Labuan anytime during Ramadhan Month 2017)

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