Dorsett Grand Labuan : Our Stay Experience

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Previously we shared an article, an introduction to the Dorsett Grand Labuan, Malaysia. For this entry, we will be focusing on our 2 Days/1 Night stay experience. We do hope that this post will give clearer picture to those planning to come to Labuan and about to book for a room at this amazing hotel. We came on July 2, 2016 (Saturday). Our last visit to this property was about 12 years ago. At that time, this Hotel was under a different brand. It was a wonderful stay experience 12 years ago. What about our recent visit? Were we satisfied with the products and services offered to us?  This is the main question that will be answered in this particular entry.

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The Journey

We started our journey to Labuan from Kota Kinabalu International Airport. We were quite excited though we have been to Labuan for so many times. Perhaps the fact that we’re about to stay at the Dorsett Grand Labuan made us feel that way. Never once we stayed in any property under the Dorsett brand. First time for us. We kept imagining things and asked questions like will both of us be amazed with our room or were we making the right decision to select and list this Hotel as one of the preferred brand for

The Lobby Area


Honestly, it’s not about the grand entrance that we’re amazed at. We’re more amazed to the simple banner indicating the wish of Eid Mubarak or Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri. Its few days to go before the Eid and we’re definitely excited about it. That banner increased our excitement. That banner as well showed how much the Hotel Management aware of the importance to keep Muslim guests happy and excited. Thank you so much!


This is the front desk area. We’re again touched by the Eid decorations. We love that! We like this area so much for its simplicity but at the same time full of symmetrical geometry shapes on the floor, ceiling and even on the wall. We both are different from the other bloggers as we do look into things deeply and try to interpret things. All the symmetrical shapes does make guests focus directly to the front desk counter. Some people might think that the interior design is bit outdated but for us it is still acceptable.


Simple decoration but for us the 4 green pillars resembled the Eid characteristics especially when there is a Ketupat replica hanging above that include the Pelita image. We both have seen so many decorations this Ramadhan month especially in hotels but somehow this decoration actually won our heart and soul, we love things that is simple as less is more.


We love turtles and to see even a replica of it will definitely make us super excited. We both also love sculptures, designs, shapes and things like that. When things are symmetrical everywhere, like every inch of the area, we surely can talk or write about that endlessly. Back to the turtle replica that can be found along the way to the Function Halls, we must compliment the designer (whoever you are).


Look at the symmetrical shapes and design, almost everywhere! Some people might not have the ability and sense to appreciate such thing but we both do! What a lovely lobby area.


Elegant Lobby Lounge with the seats cleverly arranged to maximize the average space. It’s a nice place to chill out and definitely the place to see and be seen. Comfy sofas for guests to sit down and enjoy the atmosphere. The openness of this area enable guests to admire the elegant ambiance.


At the Hotel entrance, we found this cool mode of transportation that will keep you in your best health. Skip renting the car and ride the bicycle around town. Labuan town is not that big so riding bicycle is definitely a good idea in doing your own exploration.


@joehairie said he enjoyed lounging in the Lobby area.  I took a picture of him while he actually enjoying his moment.


Yes, free cold drinks for guests. Too bad we’re fasting so we can’t really become the meanest guests, sipping complimentary Lemonade or Iced Tea, again and again. The weather was pretty hot outside, so we’re actually a little bit tempted when looking at that cold beverages on the counter.

Our Room- Junior Suite (812)


Initially, we booked for a Deluxe Room. When we checked in, we’re surprised to know that we’re upgraded to the Executive Floor and to add to that fun, our room, 812, is actually an awesome Junior Suite.


When we went to the bed(s) area, we’re again surprised to see the mini Teddy Bear(s) and some other cool gifts courtesy of Dorsett Grand Labuan Management. There was also a letter from the General Manager herself, thanking us for coming back to the Hotel after quite some time. Thank you for the gifts, we love all of ’em!


Room 812 (Junior Suite) has 2 comfy single beds. There is a balcony where guest will be able to enjoy the view of the sea. Quite spacious room we must say and we do recommend this particular room if you are planning at this hotel.


Flat screen TV and next to it is the most important feature for Muslim Guests, Sejadah. The Sejadah (Prayer Mat) is available for use and to get more, simply call the Housekeeping department.


Love this work desk!


Side table with big alarm clock to ensure you see the time clearly!


Look at the spacious attached bathroom. How thoughtful to installed 2 sinks for guests.


Big bathtub!


A close-up photo of the sink area. Again, things are symmetrical here! Lovely!


The Molton Brown! Bath, body and beauty items, we love this. There are also some other personal care items for guests.


Quite spacious wardrobe with the basic but most important feature for guests, safety box.


Complimentary Coffee, Tea and bottled water.


The view of the sea from room 812 balcony. Awesome!

Close-up pictures of the Teddy Bear(s) that were given to us…thank you so much @dorsettgrandlabuan!


The Executive Lounge


The Executive Lounge is located on the 8th Floor and offers a relaxing and conducive environment to hold small discussions or to catch up with friends and associates. The lounge is open daily from 7.00 am to 10.00 pm.  To enter, you will need to slide in your room key card.


Although we’re fasting, we still came in to see the offerings during Evening Cocktails, Canapes and hors d’oeuvres (Daily, 4.00 pm to 7.00 pm). Do note that the food and beverages items are for registered Executive Floor, Premier Suite and Royal Suite guests only. Non-house guests will be charged accordingly.


Comfy sofas for lounging and though it’s still not time for us to break fast, we took time relaxing and admiring the atmosphere.


There is a pantry on the right hand side corner. We love that big sliding door as it gives the lounge adequate natural light during daytime .


More comfy sofas for individuals or group. Definitely the place to chill out or having good conversation with friend(s) while enjoying the complimentary light snacks and beverages.


@joehairie posing for


Selection of magazines and newspapers are available at the Executive Lounge.


The amazing view of Ujana Kewangan (Financial Park) from the Executive Lounge balcony.


Light snacks with coffee and tea for the Executive Lounge guests. The snacks menu are rotated daily and these were the snacks that were served during our stay on July 2, 2016.

Bagel with smoked salmon, Barbecue Chicken Wing and Fresh Fruits.

Egg wrapped, Boston Tart and Soft Chocolate Fudge.

@joehairie holding the Boston Tart, Deep Fried Squid and some liquors selection

The X Factor Review


We invited one guest of Dorsett Grand Labuan to joined us for Iftar and we hang out at the Fun Pub as well. That invited guest is Mr Bradley, James from United Kingdom and currently working in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. We talked to him and asked for his opinion about the Iftar/Sungkai Buffet, the experience at the Fun Pub and the room he’s staying. While his comments does not count in our rating system, we actually quite surprised to know that he had almost the same positive tone about the Dorsett Grand Labuan.

“Dorsett Grand Labuan had the nicest Buffet Dinner and the price is totally worth it. If I have to come back and have the same buffet, I have no doubt in paying that RM80 price. Interesting food and beverages being lined up for the buffet”

“Enjoyed the cocktail served to me at the Fun Pub. Interesting band performance and look forward to spend more time here in the near future”

“Room nice and spacious but I prefer to see more modern furniture. Staffs were attentive although not that busy. I actually want to see if the staffs are able to give the same level of attentiveness towards guests during peak season. I hope to see more signage here and there during my near future visit.”

“I will definitely stay at this hotel again if I come to Labuan. I hope to see and experience better things during my next visit. Let me see if they are seriously up to their game to stay as a 5 star hotel”. 

Our Thoughts

Any Flaw? Yes, indeed, ONE BIG Flaw. Unfortunately that flaw came from our side. We failed to see any flaw, not a single one during our stay at Dorsett Grand Labuan. It’s 0 flaw for the Hotel and 1 flaw for ouchhh!! Overall, we love this hotel as it is strategically located near to the Ujana Kewangan/Financial Park.

The Ujana Kewangan and Local Gerai Ramadhan (only during Ramadhan month): both 2 places are nearby to Dorsett Grand Labuan

It just so happens that we visited this hotel during Ramadhan month and next to the hotel is the many stalls in the Local Gerai Ramadhan. We strolled along the Gerai Ramadhan and did see interesting local and fusion foods being sold to public for Iftar/Sungkai. We love how 2 different but interesting things are just side by side and so are the Hotel complex with the Gerai Ramadhan.

Sungkai and Sahur Buffet at Victoria’s Brasserie, Dorsett Grand Labuan 

We had such great dining experiences, during break fast and Sahur (Early morning meal for those fasting during Ramadhan month. The buffet spread were just amazing and staffs were pretty attentive, helpful, polite and friendly. We will soon publish 2 separate entries about the break fast buffet and Sahur Buffet.

Room 812


We love our room (812) so much. Great effort by the management team to pay utmost attention to the details in the rooms at Dorsett Grand Labuan. Our experience at the Fun Pub was great too and we enjoyed the Dorsett Mocktail and Dorsett Cocktail served to us and our invited guest, Mr Bradley. The Soul Band definitely sang from their heart and we enjoyed their performance.

The Dorsett Mocktail (non alcoholic)
The Soul Band at Fun Pub. (We are currently editing the video of one of their performance and will upload it in this blog, soon)

We want to conclude our thoughts this way, there is absolutely NO FLAW or whatsoever during our 2 Days/1 Night stay at Dorsett Grand Labuan.

We highly recommend this Hotel to those planning to come to Labuan.

Dorsett Grand Labuan
462, Jln Merdeka, Financial Park
87029 Wilayah Persekutuan Labuan
Toll Free: + 1800 88 0472
Phone: + 60 87 422 000
Fax: + 60 87 422 222

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About Dorsett Grand Labuan

The award winning Dorsett Grand Labuan is strategically located in the uptown business district with a mere 5-minute walk to Financial Center, government offices and International Banking Offices. The hotel is also 5 kilometers away from the Labuan Airport and 1 kilometer from the Labuan International Ferry Terminal which makes it easily accessible for both local and international travelers.


Dorsett Grand Labuan Swimming Pool during daytime and evening.

The panoramic view of the Royal Suite at Dorsett Grand Labuan
Part of the Lobby Level area at Dorsett Grand Labuan