Unduk Ngadau 2016: Districts Representatives (Part 3)

Photo from Aki Rumantai Facebook Page

(This is Part 3 of 3- Pictures of Unduk Ngadau 2016 State Level Finalists)

The Unduk Ngadau winner is supposed to be able to exude a high degree of moral because they are representing the Kadazan, Dusun and Murut women. We are also looking at a winner who can be the role model to the younger generation and has a spirit of voluntarism in being willing to sacrifice her time for the community, besides being intelligent to ably present our country, culture and tourism to the world”-Joanna Kitingan

“We hope to see the modern version of Huminodun, not just a beauty queen for 365 days”-curiostraveller.com

(This entry has been made possible by referring to Freddy Au Photography works. Check out his awesome Facebook Page, click HERE )

Here are the photos of the Unduk Ngadau Finalist for the State Level competition to be held on 31 May 2016. To be able to line up the photos here, I use some images from some great photographer, Official Facebook Page and Instagram Feeds. Credits as well as links to the amazing work(s)/sources are listed in the reference section. Part 3 consist of 12 Representatives from Districts of: Tongod, Libaran, Telupid, Paitan, Kinabatangan, Tenom, Kemabong, Sandakan, Kudat, Kepayan, Karambunai and Tungku. 

Tongod-Dorizah Noh (Photo by Freddy Au)
Libaran-Sharon Joseph 
Telupid-Dyana Natasha Jeory (Photo by Amzlens 2016)
Paitan-Floreny Jainal (Photo by Dodo)
Kinabatangan-Ivalisalyne Bayme
Tenom-Nancy Rachel Julai (Photo by Reinaldo Ando Jumonis)
Kemabong-Annasthasia J Anif Sanggau (Photo by Reinaldo Ando Jumonis)
Sandakan-Jovilin Umjin (Photo by Frandy Lim)
Kudat-Claryssa Henry Ogodong (Photo by Freddy Au)
Kapayan-Charimine Bartholomeow (Photo by Tay Kenneth)
Karambunai-Juana binti Jounis (Photo by Freddy Au)
Tungku-Deborah Nobert (Photo by Freddy Au)


The image header being used for this entry is of Adiputera creative photo shoot. Follow him and his amazing work at http://www.pbase.com/adiputera/profile


Kota Kinabalu Unduk Ngadau Kaamatan 2016. Retrieved on May 26, 2016 from www.http://jdfloydpictures.blogspot.my/

Penampang Unduk Ngadau 2016. Retrieved on May 26, 2016 from http://www.thegreenmechanics.com/

Facebook Page(s)

Amber Sion Facebook Page

Aki Rumantai

Aron Kenero Studio  Taken from: Unduk Ngadau KDCA Inanam Facebook Page

Caprinie Richard

Cleopatra Sandud

Freddy Au Photography

KDCA Johor Community

Patricia Elsa Jimykingas

Treacy Chee

Unduk Ngadau Tuaran 2016 Facebook Page

Unduk Ngadau Kaamatan Bangi

Instagram Feed(s)





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