Kuzine Cafe & Catering @ Kota Kinabalu

“Yet another great food by Kuzine, managed by one humble talented and experienced Chef thus our amazing culinary journey continues…..”-curiostraveller.com

(Photos by @joehairie unless stated otherwise)

Kuzine Cafe & Catering logo, taken from their official Facebook page

Hidden somewhere in the Cyber Square Kepayan, there is this amazing eatery by the name of Kuzine Cafe & Catering. We went here recently after brief reading about the cafe from Instagram feed/caption. Our main objective prior to coming here, is to know how is this cafe different from the already abundant cafes . Simply put, we want to unearth the uniqueness of Kuzine. The owner did not know that we were coming and we think that he did not even know about who we are actually. When we took photos of the cafe surroundings, he seemed to be in curious state. We only introduced ourselves after the food being brought to the table. That’s the point when we actually had the chance to review foods that were not prepared or designed specifically for special customers. Yes, we were about to eat the food that common customers are getting. It was kind of an ultimate test to see if Kuzine really offers quality products and services. What’s our thoughts about this cafe? Read further to know more about our findings.

About Kuzine Cafe & Catering

Kuzine Cafe & Catering offers affordable and delicious western cuisine in a straight forward menu. The choices are a bit limited but as the owner said, “Less is more“to which we interpreted that into “Being Simple is better“. The Cafe used to have a long list of menu but somehow the owner cum chef decided to keep things as minimal as possible so as to ensure high quality of the products. We were made to understand that Kuzine maintains its growth (in profit) by offering catering services for all type of events. For the catering services, Kuzine offers menu selections from Malay, Chinese, Western and middle east cuisine. For the exact location of this cafe, refer to the map below.

The exact location of Kuzine Cafe & Catering

The curiostraveller.com experience and thoughts @ Kuzine Cafe & Catering

We came here around 7 P.M ++ and upon entering the cafe we were immediately acknowledged by the staff. She invited us to choose our own table and in less than 1 minute time she came back with the menu. It was easy for us to understand the concept of the cafe by simply looking at the menu. Here is the menu. It’s a one page menu and anyone will be able to point out his/her selection in short period of time.

The Kuzine Cafe & Catering Menu

The staff was very friendly and polite. She smiled genuinely and was very helpful in getting us to know more about the cafe. We then asked her for details of each dish in the menu and she managed to convinced us that we’re actually at the right place to have our dinner. She told us that it will not take long time for our meals to be prepared and brought over to the table. We’re happy with that assurance as we were extremely hungry.

Main Entrance

While waiting for the meals, we both went around the cafe and took some photos and this was the point where the owner became a bit curious about us. Normal customers will not do that but we did. The interior of this cafe is quite simple. We like that and hope that the owner maintain that simplicity.

Dining Area
View of Cashier Counter from our table

When our meals were brought to the table, we again took some photos of the meals and only after that we introduced ourselves to the owner.He’s quite happy that we came but there’s nothing he can do about that already served food, yes, all of em’ on the table, no one can alter the presentation and taste. It will be up to us to decide the rating for the food and beverages. Here are the photos of our meals.

Starter:Mushroom Soup-RM 2

We thought this was going to be an ordinary Mushroom soup. We were wrong. It ain’t coming from the factory product/canned mushroom soup being heated. It’s made from scratch by the chef. It tasted so delicious. Yes, we shared this mushroom soup. We regretted the decision to order only one bowl. Our advise is-don’t share. Get your own bowl of mushroom soup. It’s too good to be shared and ain’t enough for 2 or more people. One bowl will only cost you RM 2, so why sharing? Get one for each person.

Starter:3 Pieces Garlic Bread-RM2

We love this Garlic bread. It’s crunchy but at the same time tender. Definitely garlicky, of course! It went well with the mushroom soup. Break it to few pieces and dip em’ into the soup, wait for few seconds and eat it as we did. This starter will only cost you RM 2, so if you are coming in a group, we advise you to get more than 1 serving.

Main:Chicken Chop-RM10

This is the ultimate Chicken Chop. @joehairie opted for this dish and he 100% enjoyed eating it and had his plate ‘clean’ with no left over (except for the bone). This dish is highly recommended to the Chicken Chop fans. Note that the Chicken Chop is not debone. The owner said that the deboning will surely takes away the real flavor of the chicken.Crispy on the outside and tender inside, one will definitely thinking of coming back to this cafe to have more of this dish. The dipping sauce was the Star of this dish. It went extremely well with the chicken. Look at that green splash/sauce on the plate that have chopped parsley in it. What is that? Well, we learnt something new from the chef. Here, we will share it with our readers..


Chimichurri or chimmichurri is a green sauce used for grilled meat, originally from Argentina. It is made of finely-chopped parsley, minced garlic, vegetable oil, oregano, and white vinegar. Additional flavorings such as paprika, cumin,thyme, lemon, basil, cilantro (coriander leaf) and bay leaf may be included. In its red version, tomato and red bell pepper may also be added. It can also be used as a marinade for grilled meat. Chimichurri is available bottled or dehydrated for preparation by mixing with oil and water. The reason for having this Chimichurri is to enhance the flavor of the dish. It will definitely brings up the appetite of the person eating a particular dish and will crave for more. That explained why @joehairie finished his meal.

Main: Fish and Chips-RM10

The English loves this dish and so does @curiostraveller. The Fish Fillet:cooked to perfection. Crispy and tasted amazingly delicious. The fries were crispy as well with enough salt on it, hot when served and tasted good. The dipping sauce went well with the Fried Fish Fillet. Amazingly delicious and heavenly yummy!


Each of the mains came with a bowl of salad. The dressing was simple with some mayonnaise but the greens and tomatoes were fresh and crunchy. We love this salad! Simple but delicious.

Beverages-Iced Tea and Iced Nescafe (RM2.50 each)

We ordered for the normal local favorite beverages as we wanted to concentrate on the mains. However, we must compliment the beverages maker as both were not too sweet, as we preferred.

What we love most about Kuzine Cafe & Catering 

Our combined meals in a single photo.
  1. We love the minimalist concept of the cafe. It’s not too bright and not too dark when it comes to the wall’s color. We felt like being at home and that’s a good thing. It’s way comfy here. Floors were definitely immaculate, free from any unnecessary items. The staff manning the dining area was friendly and attentive. We love how she did her tasks, simply put-amazing staff!
  2. We love the presentation and taste of the foods that we consumed. There’s not a single flaw that we can detect. The owner came to our table and explained in details about the food that we ordered. We learnt many new things from him. Thank you so much Chef!
  3. Affordability is the main key here. The price(s) are way affordable for all type of customers. The highest price in the menu is RM 21 for the Crazy Mix dish and that price is acceptable by our standard.  We will try that menu when we re-visit Kuzine soon.

What can be done to improve Kuzine Cafe & Catering


Although we mentioned that we do understand the simplicity of the menu and the reason behind the move to execute minimal approach in menu options, we somehow feel that it is necessary for the owner to add more choices. We believe that the owner is going to do that pretty soon, gradually of course, as repeating customers might be out of option and have to re consume the same dish that they had before. We will re-visit Kuzine in few months time after the soon 2nd visit and we will definitely highlight the new options in our write-up.

Kuzine Cafe & Catering Achievements

Kuzine’s catering clientele varies from big organizations to individuals.  Kuzine was selected as the preferred caterer for Mas Engineering Aviation, PYK sdn bhd, Media night @ Oceanus Mall, Corporate Dynamics Sdn Bhd and even for a private in house catering for Chap Goh Meh dinner. Here are some images (catering services) taken from the Kuzine Facebook Page.


Owned and managed by Mr. Md El Dorado, Kuzine is definitely making its way on par with other similar establishments and even won some prestigious title in cooking competitions. In January 2016, Kuzine Cafe & Catering won the first place of “KK Best Nasi Lemak” in the cafe category. Here is the link to the coverage of the competition, click HERE. There is also a video in the YouTube showcasing the event with the Kuzine’s Chef being featured in it. Here is the video.




In late 2015, Mr Md El Dorado won the first place in Cooking for Healthy Menu competition organized by KPDNKK in conjuntion with the Consumers Day 2015. Below is the photo of that cooking competition (Taken from the Facebook Official Page of Kuzine Cafe & Catering).


Need to try out their yummy selections? Head to:


Kuzine Cafe & Catering
Lot D2, Cyber Square
Lorong Cyber Square 2
88300, Kepayan, Kota Kinabalu
Phone: +60 16 813 1351
Facebook: Click HERE

Kuzine Cafe & Catering is currently in the process of preparing for special dishes in conjunction of the Ramadhan Month. This mouth watering dishes are of Arabic Influences and available during breaking fast. Here are the teaser photos for that Ramadhan Month promotion taken from their official Facebook page. We can’t wait to taste that yummy food and will definitely promote it in our social media accounts. Don’t miss out this amazing soon to be released menus, Ramadhan month comes only once a year and after that we might have to wait again for next year. Be prepared as the best has yet to come!

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” Pull up a chair. Take a taste. Come join us. Life is so endlessly delicious”-Ruth Reichl