Tavern Kitchen & Bar @ IMAGO Shopping Mall

Tavern is not only about good food and bevvy, it is actually about how your soul and mind unite with all the elements while being at Tavern”-curiostraveller.com

(Photos by @joehairie)

Panoramic view of Tavern Kitchen & Bar

When was the last time that you went into a Bar & Restaurant and that awesome experience ‘haunted’ you again and again that you feel like going for the second time? Was it because of the food and beverages? The friendly staffs and amazing performances? Or perhaps the ambiance and atmosphere? We went to Tavern recently and we both actually have found the X Factor in Tavern itself. Tavern is definitely the IT place to be. We left after spending almost 3 hours at the Tavern and soon after there’s this urge for a re-visit. Why? It’s because we both realized that Tavern is the place where souls and minds unite with the groovy music, tempting bevvy, good foods and excellent services. Read further to know more about Tavern Kitchen & Bar.

Tavern’s Logo

Tavern Kitchen & Bar is one of the trailblazers in Kota Kinabalu city’s burgeoning concept bar & restaurant movement. Off the Imago’s indoor shopping arcade, somewhere along the Aramaiti Street Walk, Tavern offer excellent meals, beverages and cocktails with reasonable prices. Presentation and taste in both foods and beverages/cocktails  are perfected by the skillful staffs in Kitchen and bar. Specializing in local and western cuisine, Tavern offer unique local twists to timeless western food dishes to bring to customers, the Sabahan flavours. The restaurant only utilizes the best local produce available in order to give customers the best dining experience possible!

The Friendly Staffs

When we came for our dinner, the staffs manning the reception desk immediately acknowledged us. The first thing that really impressed us were the genuine smile from both the staffs. A genuine smile is easy to detect. The eyes of that person will tell you if he/she smiled genuinely and from their heart. Our main concern when patronizing a cafe/restaurant/bar is definitely the level of of service. That is #1 factor. To be able to make customers come back for more, put the brand and service over the food. Don’t worry about the food quality, the Chef is taking care of that in the Kitchen. From our observation, that is what Tavern front staffs heads for, the brand and the service. One of the 2 front staffs that welcomed us earlier, invited and escorted us to our reserved table (We recommend future customers to reserve table in advance especially during the evening).

We both were so lucky to get a table facing the stage! We will tell the reason soon..

In less than a minute, came a good looking, friendly, polite and helpful young man, Zico. He introduced himself, ensuring us that we will be taken care of by him and he later gave us the menu. Zico told us that he will be back in minutes to get our orders. When he came, apart from our wishlist, we asked some questions regarding the menu as well as good recommendations from him. Zico managed to explained things in details and suggested few items in the menu. We’re amazed by the way he was able too withstand our non stop queries and requests (We’re actually evaluating his working attitude- we wanted to see if Zico is able to offer us a top notch service). Well, he did! He took care of us until the second we exited from Tavern. We do hope that the other staffs do have the same positive attitude as Zico. Well, the only way to know that is to come again for a second visit.

Zico arranging our table

Zico arranged our table according to our selections. He assured us that it won’t take long for our orders to be brought over to the table. While waiting for our food and beverages, we took the opportunity to go around and snap some pics. Here are the images:

Colorful wall
Inspiring Decorations and perfect lighting.
Bar area
Bar area
Dining Area
Great ambiance and atmosphere at Tavern!

Now, let us look at what we had for dinner. We were a bit in dilemma while choosing items from the menu as all of them looked so tasty delicious. The price(s) way affordable and we did have the urge of being greedy. We then ‘put our feet on the ground’ and told our own soul, “hey, you can always come back here for more!”. Okay. Sure, why not. It was Zico again who came back with our lovely meals. You’re such hard working mate! These were our selections:

Scrumptious Soup Selection-Mario’s Mushroom Soup
Must Have Appetizers-Crispy Cheese Sticks
Something Fishy Selection-Traditional Fish & Chips
Pasta Selection-Spaghetti a la Sabah
Sinful Smoothies-Mango Tango
Juices Of Joy-Watermelon
Dinner for the hungry curios Taverners!

Overall, we were extremely satisfied with the food and beverages that we had. All of em’ tasted so delicious. Both taste and presentation were of high quality and for this review, we actually had to do some work to find out who is the Head Chef for Tavern, the person who is actually taking care of the foods that comes out from the Kitchen. So we did our homework and from the Facebook page of Tavern, we finally got to know this amazing Head Chef of Tavern, Mr.Marcel Lomangkok. He was nominated for the Best Western Cuisine Chef category for Hospitality Asia Platinum Award (HAPA) in 2010-2012 and has over 18 years experience in the culinary world. No wonder all the foods tasted so good. Well done Chef Marcel!. Here is his pic that we found in Tavern Facebook page.

The talented and awesome Chef!

Remember when we said that we were lucky to be seated next to the stage? Well here’s the reason. On the night that we visited Tavern (Monday Night), Esther Applunius (She is in Wikipedia, here is the LINK) took the stage and showcased her talent in an outstanding performance. We adore her so much and have been following her since she made her national debut in the One In A Million Singing Talent Reality Show back in 2009. Together with Mr.Mohd Rafi (On Keyboard), they took turn singing from their heart and entertained the crowd.

Esther and Mohd Rafi, performing on stage.

Mr.Mohd Rafi was the Winner of the Rentak Juara, Battle of The Band in 2004. Thank you so much Esther and Rafi! We really enjoyed your performance! They will be on stage, performing on Mondays and Tuesdays from 8 pm till late. So next time you come here, do request for a table near to the stage. I did actually record one full song sung by Esther but my device is having a problem downloading it right now (Oh why??) but I will upload that video soon in another post specifically about Esther (We are actually planning to interview her). Meantime, these are mementos in pics, us with them!

Mohd Rafi, Lan Ining @curiostraveller and Esther
Mohd Rafi, @joehairie and Esther

“Definitely the place to see and be seen”-@joehairie

When you are in Kota Kinabalu and in need of a good place to dine and chill out, head to:

Tavern Kitchen & Bar
Lot G-93 Aramaiti Street Walk
IMAGO Shopping Mall, KK Times Square Phase 2
Jalan Coastal, 88100 Kota Kinabalu

Phone: + 60 12 586 0093
Email: contactus@tavern.com.my
Website: www.tavern.com.my
Facebook: Click HERE
Instagram: @tavernkitchen