The Beauty Of Sabah: Showcase Gallery 2 by @haralhaj


Gallery 2- ‘Friends are friends forever’ and we found the new meaning of friendship in Sabah

This is Gallery 2, a continuation from Gallery 1 (HERE is the link). Through this gallery, I will be sharing the moments when all 5 of us spent time together for a short trip/vacation to Kota Kinabalu, Kundasang and Ranau in Sabah, Malaysia. I do hope this gallery will inspire those who are still indecisive in making the dream trip to Sabah a reality. Bring along your family or friends and I am sure you will all enjoy your moment here.














Photo & Video Gallery by @haralhaj note:

@haralhaj is currently teaching at SMK Seri Bandar Pontian. He served as a teacher in Keningau, Sabah from May 1989 to May 1994. He travelled to Sabah recently (for a short vacation) and we were happy to host him and his friends. Thank you so much for the lovely photos @haralhaj!

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