Hotel N°5 @ Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.

(Photos by @joehairie)


Our 2 days/1 Night Experience: As we see it

About Hotel N°5

Hotel N°5 (pronounce it as Hotel Number 5) is a 3-Star business hotel and highly anticipated luxury designed hotel with a local touch that meet guests essential needs. Managed and operated by Sino Land Group, the hotel is set to infuse new vibrancy into the booming business and lifestyle of Kota Kinabalu. Strategically located near the junction of Jalan Lintas, the 117-room Hotel N°5 enjoys prominent location in close proximity to the Kota Kinabalu International Airport, which is only 5 minutes’ drive away. Hotel N°5 features simple design, with uniformity furnishing enlivened by vibrant and bright colors. Hotel guests can experience and relax in the hotel’s aesthetically designed Superior and Deluxe Rooms as well as Junior Suites.

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Our Experience

We were on our way to complete an assignment somewhere in Kepayan Area when we both, again, noticed this uniquely shaped building. We both know that this is a Hotel but we were both previously occupied with our work and keep abandoning the plan to go in, checking out the best that the hotel has to offer. Recently, we decided that it’s time to write a review about Hotel N°5. We prepared everything from the beginning especially our itinerary. On May 7 2016, we became the Hotel’s guest for 2 days & 1 night. @joehairie is a photographer and he loves to take some panoramic view of the places we visited. These are some of the images of Hotel N°5 from his lenses.


The Hotel Front Entrance


The Hotel N°5 Foyer/Lobby area


The outdoor seating/dining area of Café 5


The Indoor Seating/Dining area of Café 5

We arrived at the Hotel around 12 PM and we were immediately acknowledged by the Door Man/Concierge. He politely welcomed us, introduced himself and accompanied us to the Front Desk area. The receptionist welcomed us and did a speedy check in us. In few minutes, we were checked in! The Door Man and Communications Executive then accompanied us to our room, 910 and on the way, the hotel Communications Executive explained almost all things that we wanted to know about the hotel, from the facilities available right up to the room categories in the hotel. She explained the essentials in room 910 as well, in details.

We took some time to arrange our things especially setting up my notebook. There are enough power sockets everywhere in the room and that’s really a bonus for the 2 of us as we are the gadgets maniacs. First thing we checked is the Internet Connection. The WIFI is free here and we wanted to know if it’s fast enough for us. Yes, we’re connected in seconds and pages loading pretty fast. @joehairie took some photos of room 910 (Superior Room). Here are the images.


Bed sheets folded nicely and each of us get 2 pillows


A very important feature for guests-safe box


My ‘working desk’, Love it.


Flat Screen TV is an important feature so does a place to put the luggage


Large Window that enable guests to have access to the amazing panoramic view of Kepayan area


The Bathroom in Room 910

Since we are the curios (curious) travelers, we then asked for permission from the Hotel Management to view the Junior Suite and Deluxe rooms in Hotel N°5. We both wanted to know how the rooms looks like. This way we will be able to give our blog readers, the opportunity to get clearer picture on how the rooms’ in Hotel N°5 looks like. Our request was gladly accepted and we were taken for a great tour by the hotel’s Communications Executive, to the respective rooms and were allowed to take some pictures.


Junior Suite King Size Bed


The Seating Area of Junior Suite


View of the King Size Bed from the Seating/Living Area (Junior Suite)

The Communications Executive told us that there are 9 Junior Suites available at this Hotel, one on each floor. Each Junior Suite is 38 square meters in size and equipped with complimentary selected beverages in the mini bar/mini refrigerator. Bathroom in Junior Suites are slightly bigger than the deluxe and superior rooms. However, the showers are the same in all type of rooms with no bath tub. Our ‘tour’ continued to the Deluxe Room Category. There are 25 Deluxe Rooms in Hotel N°5 with 12 of them are with King Size Bed while the rest with Twin Beds. This room category is slightly bigger than the Superior Rooms.


The King Size Bed in Deluxe Room


Flat Screen TV mounted on the wall.


Spacious working desk for guest in Deluxe Room


Food & Beverages Menu on the Side Table

The Bathroom in Deluxe Rooms

We were made to understand by the hotel personnel that there is another category of room which is the Super Deluxe. There are 2 super deluxe rooms in Hotel N°5 but we did not have the opportunity to view the rooms as both were occupied by guests at that time. We concluded from the rooms visit that all furniture and appliances are relatively new and cleverly arranged to maximize the space in each room. We both think that the arrangements are more exclusive and elegant than the rooms in a standard 4-star Hotel (Hotel N°5 is a 3-star hotel).


We’re both satisfied with the layout of our room-910

There is shuttle service that operates daily from the Hotel to Kota Kinabalu City Center. The service however is for one way only and operates 3 times daily, at 10 AM, 2 PM and 6 PM. Take note that getting a taxi from the City Center to this Hotel is not a problem. There are plenty taxis available in Kota Kinabalu, 24-7.


The Shuttle Van

Let’s have a look at the Hotel N°5 interior and exterior. The ground floor of this hotel is divided into 3 sections, the Front Desk Area/Lobby, Café Bar and Café 5.


Seating/Waiting area in the Hotel Lobby


View of the Front Desk & Concierge counters


View of the Café Bar-cool place to chill out


One of the Buffet areas for breakfast at Café 5


The biggest dining table at Café 5


Nice outdoor lounge

Below are images showing the exterior part of Hotel N° 5 during day time and in the evening.




We spent almost the entire 2 days & 1 night in this hotel, sparing only about 2 hours in Kota Kinabalu City. We did that because we want to know what does it feels like to be spending most of our time in Hotel N°5. We want to observe the way the staffs treated guests. Anyway, we did have tones of work that need to be done online, so we need to be in our room for few hours. The next day, we had this amazing buffet breakfast. We were told that walk in customers will be charged RM25 per person-a good price I must say as the buffet spread were quite amazing.


Buffet Counter 1


Buffet Counter 2


Coffee/Tea Station (Self Service)


Noodle Station


Porridge & Condiments


Juices, Cereals & Fruits selections


Bread Pudding 


MeeHoon Fish Soup


Honey Roasted Chicken

The Honey Roasted Chicken definitely my favorite and I had 2 servings. I actually posted this picture in my Instagram account and it became a hit among my followers. There is no egg station but guest may request from the Kitchen simply by informing the waiter. We told the waiter our preferences and in minutes our cooked eggs brought to the table. I opted for scrambled eggs and @johairie asked for half boiled eggs. Both selections were cooked to perfection.


Scrambled Eggs


Half Boiled Eggs


Turkey Toast and Mashed Potatoes


Fried Kuey Teow


Hash Brown and more Honey Roasted Chicken for @curiostraveller!


Orange Juice & Guava Juice


Toast Station

Our Thoughts

To be honest, this is the first time that we at chose to use more images rather than explaining things in words. Perhaps we were actually attracted to the ‘beauty’ of this Hotel N°5 in terms of its architecture, furniture selections, interior and exterior designs. We were also surprised with the Café 5 products. The food and beverages that we ordered were of high quality in taste and presented in stylish manner. Never have we expected such high quality prior coming to Hotel N°5. We actually thought that this is going to be another ordinary review. We were wrong. We were into something that is just too ‘big’ and we took 3 days just to write this review.

There was one flaw. There was a mistake in handling the bills signed by us during dinner. Another customer’s bill ends up in our file the next day. However, the hotel management resolved the problem and we’re happy about that. Problem solved. This is new hotel but the employees’ works as if they have been doing that for many years. We both have been into some 3-star rated new hotels in Kota Kinabalu earlier this year but the experiences were totally different from what we have experienced at Hotel N°5.

We talked about the stay for 3 days actually and it turned out that we both felt being at Home while staying at Hotel N°5. That explained why we were so lost for words. We became speechless when we checked out as we felt that we were leaving our own home. It felt like someone ordered us to leave our own comfortable place that we called home. We felt the ‘presence’ of our own roots here at Hotel N°5. We never felt that when we were in St Regis. Staying at the St Regis put both of us like being in ‘a palace that belongs to a King’. Hotel N°5 is just a 3-star Hotel but it is way comfy than the higher category hotel.

What we like most about Hotel N°5:

The employees (all of them) treated us like they have known us for years already. They did that to all guests. I observed them for one full day actually. The door man/concierge addressed us by our names and whenever he saw us, he’s sure to ask our well being, checking out our satisfaction. The employees at the Front desk and Café 5 have the same positive attitude. They smiled genuinely. Never once we saw someone (an employee) with long face or anything similar to that.

Simple is better-Less is more. The simplicity in the design and layout of the furniture gave us the impression that the Hotel’s owner and Management knows what they are doing to preserve the best environment for their clients. When we talked about feeling the ‘presence’ of our roots, we actually referred to the motives and design of Kadazan Dusun Heritage in the Hotel Lobby and Café itself. Yes, we have Kadazan Dusun roots and we felt that in the design and motives on the wall and on ceiling as well.

The foods were absolutely delicious. We had several meals here, for breakfast, lunch and dinner. We tried the suggested menu by the waitress and we did not expect that the Hotel actually hiring some young but talented Chefs. The kitchen team has done their very best in producing and presenting the finest food that we have ever consumed. I highly rated the Nasi Ayam Masak Merah as the best that I have ever had since I became a food hunter. There will be a separate entry about our dining experience (Lunch/Dinner). Good things deserve some good exposure.

@joehairie likes the ambiance of the Café 5 and he keeps saying that the Management cleverly chose the right set of lightings. It makes the entire Café 5 looks like a 5 star Restaurant. According to him, the Café 5 is relatively small in size and has few dining tables but overall it is actually classier than most 4-star restaurants in Kota Kinabalu. We both have decided that we are going to be frequent customers to this Café 5 and will bring some friends with us to enjoy the sumptuous meals.

We think that the layout of the room that we stayed (910-Superior Room) resembles the same quality of a 4-star Hotel room. The furniture are cleverly chosen and arranged nicely and neatly. It also has everything that we needed especially WIFI. We stayed in one 5-star hotel recently and we were told that Internet Connection is chargeable and we were disappointed with that. This hotel, Hotel N°5 gave us what we needed most, WIFI.

Our suggestion for improvement:

The only thing that needs to be improved is the bills that are being signed by guests must be scrutinized earlier before submitting it to the front desk. All bills must have signature on it and shown to guests when signing the final bill. My bills from Café 5 had no signature on it though I am pretty sure I signed all before leaving Café 5. It was hard for me to say anything during check out as all the smaller bills do not have my signature. However, through the fast thinking personnel at the front desk, this particular problem has been solved.

We highly recommend this Hotel to those planning to come to Kota Kinabalu.

NO.1 Jalan Pintas
89500 Penampang, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah
TEL: +60 88 307 555
FAX: +60 88 307 557







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    It would be appropriate if you state a disclaimer whether or not this is a sponsored review.

    1. Hi Micheal, thank you for taking time in writing a suggestion. We appreciate every single comment/critics/suggestion and so on. Note that we stayed at this particular Hotel using our own fund and for the next review after this, the restaurant, we paid in full for the food bills. I personally had to check out by signing and clearing all pending bills. Having said that, it’s not sponsored, honestly. However, we did later reveal to the management that we are bloggers. If its sponsored or fully covered by the management, we will surely write 100% good the restaurant/cafe, we highlighted some weaknesses..if they are to pay for the bills, that will surely give them some ‘pain’… that;s why we did not say that this was a sponsored stay. But thank you for the suggestion, will surely state in the future, whether such experience is sponsored or not. Have a look at our Shangri-La stay, we did say that we used our own loyalty points to do the review.

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