Hotel N°5 Kota Kinabalu: Interview with the Operation Manager-Ms. Phergie Chiu

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We at recently interviewed Ms. Phergie Chiu (Operation Manager of Hotel N°5) and we want to share with our readers, her answers to our questions. We do hope that this Interview will help all of us to understand how Hoteliers and Hotel N°5 Management works hard to ensure the brand steady growth. Being a new hotel and having to compete with other bigger brands, it will be interesting to see how a 3-star hotel catching up with competitors in the Hospitality Industry. This interview might also inspire those who intend to work in this industry.

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Hotel N°5  Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia

Why you chose to work in the Hospitality Industry.

Apart from majoring in the industry, I love meeting new people as I enjoy interacting with guest and learning different cultures. Moreover, working in a hotel industry provides many obstacles and I love good challenges, as it provides me excitement of learning new things.

Why the owner chose N°5 as the name of this hotel?

It is our owner’s favorite number. Furthermore, by choosing number 5 as the hotel’s name will make it easier to be remembered.

How unique this hotel is in comparison to the abundant hotels around Kota Kinabalu? Why guest should choose this hotel over the other hotels?

Our most distinct uniqueness would be the hotel is 5 minutes away from Kota Kinabalu International Airport, which is a big advantage for those who need to stay nearby the airport. In addition, as you may have noticed our building is designed uniquely by it shaped. It is a rare designed yet we our rooms are spacious and cozy. As for our interior design, our rooms are focused on simplicity and classic design.

Our Café 5 also has a unique design which represents our local Kadazan Dusun culture. It is undeniable that Sabah is well-known for its nature diversity, picturesque islands, rich cultures, friendly Sabahans and delectable cuisines for the adventurous taste buds. Hence, the unique wall design in Café 5 would help to highlight and promote ‘local culture’ ambience when guest choose to dine here.

Does feedback from guests using third party platform such as TripAdvisor counts? Does the hotel management take note of the feedback seriously?

We monitor our TripAdvisor account regularly. We will take note on every feedback given and try our best to make room of improvement whichever applies. We would like to emphasize that we take all comments seriously and impartially.

Is Hotel N°5 handicap friendly and has certain handicap accessible features?

We do provide wheelchair to assist disabled guests. In addition, we also have a disabled toilet located in our 1st Floor.

Does the Hotel have any interesting promotion coming up soon for guests/patrons?

As Kaamatan Harvest Festival is around the corner, our upcoming promotion would be a Kaamatan Set Lunch which starts on the 15th May 2016 until 31st May 2016. In addition, we also currently have a Beer Bucket Promotion to go along with the upcoming festive. For your exclusive blog viewers’, we are excited to announce that we will be launching our Roof Top Bar located on the 11th floor in August 2016. It will be the only sky bar located in Penampang.


We at would like to thank Ms Phergie Chiu for the Interview. It will help more people to get closer to the brand.

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NO.1 Jalan Pintas
89500 Penampang, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah
TEL: +60 88 307 555
FAX: +60 88 307 557
Facebook: Click HERE

Special Mention/Credit:

Ms Phergie Chiu & The Management Team of Hotel N°5
Ms Khairah S Yahiya
The Sales & Marketing Department of Hotel N°5
The Team in Front Desk/Reception of Hotel N°5
Ms Elfayra (Communications Executive)
The Kitchen Team of Hotel N°5
Mr Addey & Ms Cherry- Cafe 5
Mr William (Concierge)
The Housekeeping Staffs
And all other staffs in all departments

You all are wonderful people that we have ever met during our stay at  Hotel N°5.



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  1. Nice interview ,Really their Hotel’s name is unique.Do they have spa facility also..and how Kaamatan Harvest Festival celebrated ?

    1. Hi Advika, thank you for the comment. Unfortunately they do not have Spa facility as they are on 3 star tier. However I do know good SPA facilities in KK, lots of them. Regarding Kaamatan Festival, there will be actually a write up about that celebration soon, in few days time. The celebration is for the entire month of May with 31 May as the finale where there will be crowning of Miss Harvest Festival (Unduk Ngadau). No worries, the write up will come up soon. Cheers!

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