Sabah Fest introduction ‘note’

Exciting Pocket Show during Sabah Fest 2016

For us, the team members, we got the tickets much earlier than most of everyone else (early April). We saw the promotional banner below and without thinking twice, we contacted Sri Pelancongan and in few hours, we received the tickets. Unlike the other bloggers who are dearly attached to some Sabah Tourism officers, we worked pretty hard to get these tickets.

13 days after the event, no bloggers actually write-up the event in details. Yes, we do tend to be sarcastic but that is the reality, google Sabah Fest 2016 and look in the first 2 pages. All you will be able to see is some posts by the officials/press release and little information from 1-2 bloggers. There are some YouTube videos about Sabah Fest 2016 but unfortunately no one want to write-up the event in details. As we do have some photos and videos (with the exception of the full video for the Stage Show Of Gulu Gulu), we might as well write about the event that we attended on May 1, 2016.

The Promotional Banner
The Hard Earned Tickets

So, we’ve decided to write-up our own exciting experience gained by attending the prestigious Sabah Fest 2016 event. We want to share our experience with those who couldn’t make it to this event due to time or location factors. This write-up took us about 8 days just for drafting and editing. We will divide this write-up into 3 parts.

Part 1– Traditional Food & Handicraft Showcase (Before the Main performance)

Part 2-Pocket Shows (Before the Main Performance)

Part  3–   The Stage Show of Gulu Gulu (Main Performance)

We wrote up all the posts using some useful information from publications that we received on the day of the event. We referred to the booklets/guides/magazine for terms or things that we’re not familiar with. Thank you so much for the writers in that publications. Allow us to share the information in your writings with those who have interest in Sabah’s culture.

Our Main Reference(s)

We do hope that some of our readers will be able to ‘experience’ the cultural diversity in Sabah. Share them with friends and do come to the 2017 event. I am pretty sure the next year event will be more exciting. If you can’t come, no worries, we will do another in-depth writing about that event for you to read. End of our note and do enjoy reading the Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3.