The Qualities that we look for in reviewing a hotel/resort

@curiostraveller & @joehairie– the independent hotel/resort reviewers

The have recently started reviewing hotels and apart from the fact that we are invited here and there, we actually spent and will be spending some real money to see if there are any differences between sponsored and non sponsored stays. Starting this month onward, we will reveal our findings from staying in Hotels/Resorts around Sabah. We want to highlight the best hotel/resort to our followers and readers in this blog, Instagram and Facebook. We will write an in depth review of the hotels/resorts that we became guests. It is kinda a guide for those who intend to come to Sabah and looking for the best place to stay.

What is our biggest expectation when coming in as a guest in a hotel? Regardless of the star rating, we are actually looking forward for the highest level of service by the employees starting from the reservation officer, to the door man, then the front desk staffs, right up to the waiters and waitress at the Café/Restaurant, not to forget the housekeeping staffs. We stayed at St Regis before as well as The Shangri-La’s in many locations and we do have big hope when coming to any hotel/resort. Recently, we went to the Hotel No 5. That is a 3 star hotel and not even closer to the Burj Al Arab Jumeirah star rating but were the staffs in Hotel No 5 readily available to ‘upgrade’ their level of service? Are we insane to compare a 3 star hotel with a 7 star hotel? (The review of Hotel No 5 @ Kota Kinabalu will be posted in few days time)

We both believe in our capabilities. We are both doing the right thing. We also happen to be locals and we want to see how local hoteliers treat us. In the hospitality Industry, service is always the #1 factor. It does not matter whether it is backpackers or 5 star hotels/resorts, the way the staffs treated guests always count. The hoteliers must be able to treat all guests fairly regardless of their origins. They must smile genuinely and do work from their heart, patiently treating fussy and angry guests, calmly and professionally, appear almost immediately when needed and do not take long time to attend to guest queries and needs.

It’s all about the service. Never mind the star. People will be able to adjust automatically to the star itself. We as guests gets what we paid for. Every cent counts and it contributes toward the Hotels/Resorts financial growth. Guests will start looking for extra amenities when they realized that they are in a higher category hotels/resorts. Believe us, that we are both appointed as independent checkers and we are certified by one organization in the US. We evaluated the Hyatt brand before, we did it secretly and relay our experiences staying in many Hyatt in the Asean region.

What was the first question in the survey questionnaire? The service. Did the employees treated us nicely? Did the Door man greeted and welcomed us? Were we welcomed by all employees that we met? Did at least one or two people remember our names, addressing it correctly and accordingly? Were our problems being resolved in record time? Did the employees smiled genuinely? Were our orders at the cafes/restaurants came to the dining table according to the promised time? Did the food and beverages tasted good and fresh? Were we offered any upgrades? Did the housekeeping do their job properly? We were asked to create one small problem (well that’s our job) and we were asked to see how long did the employees take to solved our tiny problem.

Once, we were assigned to inspect some big names in the Food & Beverages industry. Most of the audits involved big names in the Fast Food services. What was the main criteria in evaluating? Again, the Service. It does not matter what you are offering, people will judge that later. The first thing that people want to see and feel, is being welcomed. Welcome by genuine smile. The eyes must be smiling as well. Only after the service and staffs attitude cum performance, comes the quality of the product. There is no use upgrading a guest to the Club Floor Room if the staffs are actually not being that friendly. In a hotel. guest must feel being at home. Make them think of staying in a stranger house and they’re sure ain’t coming back.

So, we are at will not only be reviewing food outlets, we will also be reviewing some hotels in Sabah, starting with Kota Kinabalu. We will use this rating below to determine our satisfaction in the visits/stays. We will rate all stays regardless it is sponsored or not. This will be the ultimate guide for our readers and followers in social media, a medium to decide whether to stay in the hotels/resorts we stayed or simply find another property/brand. It is also a challenge from us to the Hotel/Resort Management to make some room for improvement(s). We will categorized each hotel/resort according to the star determined by the hotel/resort itself but we will be using the same key factors as below.

For each sub factor, we will rate it from 0-5.
5- Extremely Satisfied ( Perfect score of 5.0)
4- Very Satisfied (4.0-4.99)
3- Satisfied-Average (3.0-3.99)
2- Not that Satisfied (2.0-2.99)
1- Disappointed (1.0-1.99)
0- Extremely Disappointed (0.00-0.99)

Reservation/Inquiries handled properly
Check In was smooth
Check Out was smooth
ALL employees smiled genuinely
ALL our reasonable needs and inquiries being attended properly and timely
At least one or two employees remember our names/address us appropriately
Create one little problem and see if the staffs fix the problem right away

Food Quality
Beverages Quality
Waiters/Waitress Attitude
Did the Cafe/Restaurant able to honor its own menu
Timing Factor-Orders came to the dining table in promised time frame

C. ROOM (45 Points)
Toilet- clean
Hot water/Heater-working
Basic Amenities-Towels and Toiletries were sufficient
Bed sheet, Pillow sheets and all related-clean
Under the bed-What’s under the bed, clean or with some unnecessary things?
The window/The glass-clean-Clear to see/No dust
TV & The remote is working, regardless the channels offered
Free WIFI in the room-An absolute feature for guests nowadays

Were we actually feel welcomed in this hotel/resort? (No one intimidating us)
Were we offered something nice regardless we accept or decline.
Did we feel being at home?
Will we come back as paying guests? Do we feel it’s worth to spend money here?
Do we feel encouraged to recommend this property to others?

All other extra facilities such as fitness center, swimming pool or just anything are just some bonuses for us. We will definitely highlight those extra facilities but to say that either we are actually satisfied with our stay or not, it all comes down to the key factors above. Altogether, that will be 130 Points and we will calculate to the average of between 0-5. (130 full points divide by 26 sub factors=5). Do use our scale as a guide to decide whether you want to give the property/brand we reviewed, a space in your itinerary when visiting Sabah. All photos are from us and we captured em’ in our own way without being ‘overshadowed’ by the Hotel(s)/Resort(s) management. The images/photos reflects the real situation that we both have experienced.

Sincerely members
@curiostraveller @joehairie


2 thoughts on “The Qualities that we look for in reviewing a hotel/resort

  1. It is good to know that one should look into the quality of the rooms when selecting a hotel. It would be nice to arrive to a clean room with hot water and all needed amenities. My sister always loves finding hotels with pools to entertain her kids while they are not out sight seeing.

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