Brunei Satay House III @ Taman Indah Permai, Sepanggar.

(Photos by @joehairie)

Beef and Chicken Satay (Sate)

Satay (Sate) is grilled meat dish famous throughout Southeast-Asia. Indonesia is thought to be the true birthplace of satay, but the dish was carried to surrounding countries including Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore. The most popular is chicken or beef satay. Both of us are Satay fans so recently we went to the Brunei Satay House III and tasted the Satay. Apart from Satay, we ordered some sides from the menu and I must say we were a bit greedy during that visit. Do we like the Satay, sides and level of service at this restaurant? Do keep reading to know more about our findings during that visit.

Almost all tables occupied! Busy night for the owner and staffs.

We came to this restaurant early in the evening and already there were so many people waiting for their take away and some were waiting to be seated. It took us about 5 minutes to get a table. Luckily there was one available. The owner immediately acknowledged us and with big smile he welcomed us to his restaurant. We were given the menu(s), one for food selections and the other one for beverages. To give you a clearer picture on how the menu looks like and it’s selections, here are the images.

Food Selections
Beverages selections

We took our time in choosing what we want to eat for that evening. We did look a bit unsure (because there are just too many good choices) that the owner came to our table and suggested some items that are most popular. He explained in details about each of the selection and we were happy he did that as it gave us clear picture of the specialties available here. We were pretty sure to order Satay but not sure which sides are the best. The informative, friendly and helpful owner helped us a lot in deciding our choices (Refer to the images below).

Sate Special Set A – RM 9.00. The set came with Nasi Himpit, Sliced cucumber and fries.
Kelupis & Kou Chung- RM 0.80 each
The Kelupis
@joehairie cleverly arranged all the bits to a small plate.
Rojak Daging (RM 4.50)
Mee Kari Brunei Satay House (RM 6.00)

Nasi Goreng Brunei Satay House (RM 6.00)

Cendol Red Bean (RM 4.00)

ABC Buahan (RM 4.50)
20160502195441 choice of food and beverages @ Brunei Satay House

We actually took almost 1 hour or so to finish (almost) all the food and believe me when I say that all of em’ tasted so good and delicious. We even requested for the left over to be nicely packed so that we can continue eating at home! We enjoyed the meal so much that we intend to re visit this restaurant pretty soon! Lets have a look at the restaurant’s interior.

We love the Bamboo Fish Net hanging up there-it reflects the traditional life of  Malay Brunei people.
Lovely decorations
Promotional Banners
Smaller decorations on the wall near to the cashier counter
Raw Satay on display
Front area

Facts about Brunei Satay House III

This restaurant is the latest branch of the Brunei Satay House I and II in Beaufort, Sabah. Managed and owned by Mr Ag Shahril bin Ag Ali, this restaurant serves delicious and tender Satay along with wide range of a la carte selections. Started operation on January 7 2015, this restaurant is among the most visited outlet and during peak hours, it will be hard to secure a table. Customers flock to this place mainly for the Satay and it’s delicious thick peanut gravy/sauce.

2 blocks away, there is a kiosk that belongs to the same brand. Customers may order for take aways at this kiosk. It is also possible to dine in here. There are few dining tables available at this kiosk. This kiosk recently started operation in April 7, 2016. We will visit and have some meals in this kiosk soon and will write a separate review after that. Below are images of the Kiosk.

Front area
Casual Dining Area
Dining area
View of the Kiosk from other side
Cashier Counter

Let’s get back to the review of the Brunei Satay House III that we visited. We actually love the way the owner decorates the restaurant. Most decorations portrays the traditional way of life being practiced by the Malay Brunei people. Musics/Songs of Malay Brunei ethnic were being played so its cool actually to had our dinner while listening to the music selections. To every pros there will be some cons, so here are our thoughts in regard to the visit. Perhaps the owner will be able to improve these 2 things:

  1. The Mee Kari Brunei Satay House need to be improved a little bit by reducing the curry flavor as mine was too strong, in taste.
  2. Hire more employers so that it will be easy for both customers and owner during peak hours. At times, I saw some customers having hard time in getting the waiter/waitress attention.

We managed to interview some of the customers and they were happy to share their thoughts with us. Their review will somehow balance evaluation. We asked them about the food & beverages that they ordered in terms of presentation & taste. We also asked them about their opinion on the service by the restaurant’s staffs. Here are the lovely and awesome people that we interviewed.

@geragashikers group (follow them in Instagram to see their adventures-they are avid hikers). Clockwise-Dini, Ijan, Zila, Ee, Nadia and Izza.

@geragashikers is a group of avid hikers and they go for hiking like once or more in a week. They have just completed another hiking right before coming to this restaurant. They are avid food hunters as well and love trying new food in cafes/restaurants. Nadia has been to this restaurant for more than 3 times and Dini been here twice. It seemed appropriate for me at that time for me to ask them about their dining experiences at Brunei Satay House III. These are the summary of things that need to be improved by the owner.

  1. The Peanut Sauce/Gravy for the Sate need to be thicken a little bit more. There’s no problem with the taste, it’s awesome but try to avoid serving watery gravy.
  2. The Mee Kari need to improved as well (the same as @curiostraveller thought).
  3. Due to the hectic and heavy work load, the waiter forgot to serve Dini his beverage which is ‘Sirap Bandung’. However, Dini said that this is normal and acceptable as the restaurant was pretty full with customers. The staffs were kinda busy so a little bit flaw is acceptable.

We also asked them to rate the Brunei Satay House III according to their overall experience that evening. We proposed a scale of 1-10, with 10 being most excellent and they agreed to voiced out their rating openly. These are the scores:

Average score: 8.67/10

We at would like to thank the @geragashikers members for accepting the invitation for an interview. We wish you all the best in your hiking activities and we do look forward for more meet up as foodies in the near future.

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Looking forward to taste the food and beverages at Brunei Satay House? Head on to:


Restoran Brunei Satay House
Taman Indah Permai
Jalan Sepanggar-Manggatal
Kota Kinabalu
Phone (Owner) : +60 16 843 5981
Phone (Restaurant) : + 60 14 692 1233
Facebook : Click HERE


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