Pasar Tani (Farmers Market)

Rambai Fruit (Akin to Langsat Fruit)

Recently, I spent some time @ Pasar Tani, Taman Puterajaya, Telipok. Pasar Tani here is held twice a week, on Mondays and Fridays. Apart from taking some pictures for this particular entry, I spent some few ringgits to purchase light snacks and incredibly those snacks were delicious and cheap. I had some wonderful and inspiring conversations with the farmers.

Green Mango

They were more than happy to answer my inquiries that automatically came out of my curiosity. I found some interesting local GANDA vegetable and JUMBO Nona Fruit that I have never seen before despite the fact that I am a local. Overall, it was a wonderful experience to be at this Pasar Tani. I believe that other Pasar Tani in different locations are bigger and have more interesting products.

Buah Nona

Pasar Tani in English is Farmers” Market. Nationwide, Pasar Tani is administered by FAMA (Malaysia Federal Agricultural and Marketing Authority). The objective of the Market is to eliminate middle man role in marketing and selling products from Farmers. The Government intend to encourage Farmers to sell their products directly to customers and therefore be able to receive total profit without having to give some to the middle man.

Cempedak , Papaya and Lemongrass
Fresh Pineapple

Pasar Tani can be found in all districts in Sabah. It is different from the Pasar Malam (Night Markets) as most product in Pasar Tani are agriculture based. However, due to demands and some strategic moves by FAMA, you can find some stalls that sells Food, Drinks, Household items and many more. It is a good idea. Besides buying fish and vegetables, one can also buy some food or just anything.

Fresh from earth-Tapioca/Ubi Kayu
Lemiding-A local Vegetable

Pasar Tani can be used to promote local products to foreign visitors. Malaysian visiting other states may also use this opportunity to get to know more of the locals way of life. Apart from strolling at Night Markets, visitors should have visit the Farmers Market. You will get the idea of how locals produce and sell their products, freshly from their own farm. They will be happy to explain their efforts in their farms, you don’t have to buy anything if you don’t want to, simply ask them questions to satisfy your curiosity.

Dried Salted Fish
Local Banana

You get to see some local vegetables, exotic fruits and food that might not be found in your own place. I found some exotic fruits that I have never seen. It is interesting to see products that are not known to me. I get to see and learn new things. This is what a traveler should do when visiting foreign countries. Go to the local markets, learn new things and indulge in the local customs. Cheap food and drinks are available in Pasar Tani as well. Clean and most food will be cooked on the spot. Some are being sold in packets and at extremely low price, affordable to everyone.

Local Vegetables
King Of Fruits, Durian
Bird Eye Chilies- Sold in Packets

Of all the stalls that selling food and drinks, I found one particular stall that is clean and have varieties of snacks/food. They priced their items reasonably cheap in comparison to the other stalls. Kak Asiah, the stall owner (The Boss) is a friendly and polite person. She will engaged with customers by having some conversations. She’s nice to me as well. I will surely come to her stall if I drop by at this Pasar Tani again.

Kak Asiah frying Banana Fritters
Kak Asiah showing her expertise
Banana Fritters in the making
Kak Asiah Stall

Kak Asiah didn’t hesitate when I asked for permission to take pictures of her products and stall. She was more than happy to let me to do that. We did have a conversation, a serious one, on how she managed to prepared all the delicacies despite having limited time for herself. This woman is truly inspiring, in every aspects. I am most attracted to the cleanliness of this stall. I bought some local Kuih ‘Banana Fritters and Fried Cempedak. Tasted em’ at home and I was really really satisfied.

Kuih Seri Ayu and Kuih Lenggang
More local delicacies: Kuih Wajik, Lapis and Bingka
Kuih Angku, Pasong and Koci
Kuih Cempedak, Tausa and Fried Tapioca

The reason for me to publish this entry is to share with Foreign Visitors the interesting items that can be found in Pasar Tani. For Malaysian, although you have been to the Pasar Tani nearby to you, it might be a good idea to visit Pasar Tani in the other states. It is an opportunity to learn things that are associated much to the locals thus giving you the better perspective in understanding locals way of life. So people, do give this Pasar Tani a chance in your big itinerary. It will do you some good. Trust me.

Fish Stall
Household items

Those who are cooks and wanna be chefs, this is the opportunity to learn how to create fine recipes, simply ask the stall owners, they will tell you how to cook this and that. Jot down some notes, improvise and you will be a good cook. For a more adventurous Market in Sabah, head on to Tamu (A more typical local market) and have more things to offer. Each district have different schedule and days, for more information click here. Enjoy your day at Pasar Tani, anywhere in Malaysia (especially in Sabah)!!

BBQ Chicken!!
Tongkeng Ayam!!


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