Introducing Mr.Oscar (The Travelling Beruang/Bear): travel partner-in support of MAKNA

(Photos by @joehairie)

This is a late post actually. The post is supposed to be published in the blog much earlier. The reason that we finally chose to publish this entry is because we want to introduce who Mr.Oscar is and how Mr.Oscar made his way across South China Sea and later becomes a ‘Sabahan’. Follow Mr.Oscar journey from Oasis, Ara Damansara to Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia.

We are a true supporter of the National Cancer Council Malaysia or MAKNA. We became aware of the Travelling Beruang Project introduced by MAKNA sometime in September 2015 and believe me, we had try all possible ways to get the Beruang. It was a daunting experience in getting this particular Beruang/Bear. I personally remember asking someone to help me to purchase that Beruang onboard AK Flights but unfortunately, no stock left.

@joehairie asked one of his friend in Kuala Lumpur to be ready to drive to Damansara and get that Beruang from the ALTEL company. The friend was a bit hesitating, so there goes my plan..not to mention all the calls made to various companies. Credit to Ms.Ain from the Altel Customer Service Dept @ Altel to re confirmed the availability of the Beruang.

Late last year (December 2015), I had the opportunity to be in Kuala Lumpur (KL) and I planned precisely the effort to get this Beruang. It so happened that @joehairie was in KL too and I told him my plan. We had this ‘official meeting’ at Teh Tarik Place, Nu Sentral. Since we do not have our own car in KL, we opted for the public transportation. We refused to take the cab in KL to Damansara as I knew it will ‘cut deep into the wallet’ for the fare.

We decided that it will be best to take the LRT from KL Sentral to Kelana Jaya and then take a cab to Oasis Damansara. We both have never been to Oasis Damansara, so it’s kind of first hand experience getting to that place. There is no big shopping mall in Oasis, so I guess not so many people going there except for those staying around or office workers. Both of us really had no idea at that time on how difficult the journey itself to get to Altel @ Oasis Damansara.

@joehairie (in the pic above) navigating the way to find that Altel Concept store. We actually made 2 circles of the front side of the Oasis and keep getting back to the same place. I decided to walk in into an office and asked for direction. We were directed to the Block E and in minutes, we found the Altel…Horeyyy…oh before that, below are some pictures of the Oasis area.

There is a big pool in the center of the Oasis Damansara. Pretty sure that it is not for swimming but rather as a concept of the Oasis itself.

There are many high rise buildings around, I guess that are the offices, condominiums, serviced apartments and many more.

There are number of well known/branded Restaurants that scatter around this area. Mamak’s cafe can be found here as well.

The service man doing his job….maintaining the cleanliness of the area. The pic above, shows some outdoor seating area that belongs to one of the many Restaurants in Oasis Damansara.

A big man made waterfall outside the other block of the Oasis Damansara. We actually did not go into this building, so I can’t tell you what is inside.

We found that Altel Concept Store and immediately the staff acknowledged us as perhaps we were the only people in Malaysia looking for this Beruang. We called the HQ earlier and it seemed that everyone in that Store knew our intention. Credit to Mr.Leow Kok Chuan for helping us in getting that Beruang. Purchased it for RM65 and I am glad that money will be donated to the National Cancer Council Malaysia. Well, at least I did my small part for the society, hehehe.

What better way to celebrate the joy of getting the Travelling Beruang? Snapping pics of course. So, I took the Beruang around the Oasis Damansara, looking for good spots for photo shoot. @joehairie suggested that I named this Beruang as Mr.Oscar, okay, so Mr.Oscar it is. He will embark on a journey to his new home in Kota Kinabalu soon.

Mr.Oscar celebrating the joy of Christmas.

@joehairie took pictures of me photo shooting Mr.Oscar at the Christmas Tree. It is kinda weird feeling to have someone took your pictures while you actually taking others picture.

Me with different pose to get different pose of Mr.Oscar…mmmm

Before heading back to KL, we decided to lepak/chill out at the Old Town White Coffee to get some refreshing drinks, oh yes we deserved that after the long journey, so to say. Mr.Oscar was thirsty as well lol.

@joehairie took the opportunity to have himself and Oscar in a pic for Instagram post. Joe kind of liking this Mr.Oscar as well.

Mr.Oscar in the LRT from Kelana Jaya to KL Sentral. That was his first ride in LRT.

Mr.Oscar occupying the empty seat in LRT. Look at how small he is.

Few days later, Mr.Oscar was ready to get himself embarking in a journey to his new home in Kota Kinabalu.

Mr.Oscar in his first hand experience inside the KLIA Express from KL Sentral to KLIA2.

Photo shoot for Mr.Oscar at the Viewing area of KLIA2.

Mr.Oscar waiting for the boarding announcement….

Definitely a first time on board a plane, so what better way to celebrate it other than looking at the view outside the

Mr.Oscar, looking at the wing tip of the Air Asia A320 plane.

So, Mr.Oscar, are you ready for the coming trips? Hope that he is comfortable in KK Sabah, lol. He will be accompanying us to places that we go to, around the globe for the years to come. All in the name of supporting the National Cancer Council Malaysia, the Travelling Beruang Project that is also being sponsored by Air Asia. TV3 and Altel. Yes, we are doing our small part to help those who needs help in combating the Cancer-2 January 2016.

Almost 5 months later, Mr Oscar lives comfortably in Kota Kinabalu and he is officially a ‘travel partner’ to team members. Mr.Oscar will be joining us in our adventure pretty soon. I am not sure how many AABC members are still traveling with this Teddy Bear but we will continue to do so, to support the main objective of MAKNA programs. 2 male bloggers, travelling around with a teddy bear… cool ya.


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    1. Thank you my friend, it’s part of our contribution to the Cancer patients (children) in Malaysia. We support the group in helping them in a way that we can afford to.

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