Sabahan People Are Friendly: FYI Liyana Jasmay

When Lan Ining defends his Sabahans mate, he really means it!!

This blog is about Sabah, the food, the culture and places of interest. We, the curios travellers don’t really want to write about entertainment unless it has got something to do with the 3 elements said above. However, yesterday, I read some viral posts in Facebook about the Super Star Liyana Jasmay talking about her feeling of insecurity whenever staying in Sabah. Excuse us, ‘we the Sabahan People’, Mrs Fathuddin Mazlan, I think you are afraid of your own shadow. Pardon me for being harsh but I happen to be a Sabahan and I will protect the good name of my beloved state, Sabah and that includes my Sabahan mates (All Sabahan OK!).

All this started with one piece of your story in mStar. Here is the LINK. It is a confirmed coverage of the interview between mStar and you. I am not making this up. Every word you said, printed clearly in mStar portal. I am 100% sure mStar do not make it up too and I am 1000% sure that it was you who said that. Sue me in court, yup I am a poor blogger with no money but I am again 100% sure what I am about to say, it is all about the truth.

mStar (LINK) April 23, 2016
This was your saying:

mStar (LINK) April 23, 2016

Ms Liyana Jasmay or MRS Fathuddin Mazlan, I once admire your talent in acting. I watched almost all Drama(s) that you were involved in. I used to believe in your talent. I am not a stalker or anything. We have never met before. I only get to see you in TV. Yes, I used to be your fan. Unfortunately, NOT anymore since yesterday. I am so sorry. The reason: you do not know how to take care of other people feelings especially Sabahan.

Fine, your husband works here, he is running business or something which I don’t really want to know. None of my business anyway. Anyone are welcome to stay in Sabah. As much as we Sabahan want to be welcomed in Peninsular Malaysia, we, welcome you guys here too. I have so many friends from Peninsular. We all have no problems with each other.

Since the day I was born, up until today, this is the first time I heard people talked that Sabah is not a safe place just because Sabahan are crazy fanatics. Really? Seriously? And that people happen to be only one individual, which is you., Liyana Jasmay. You said people keep following you. Why on earth you did not make a police report? Get the police to arrest that stalker because they seemed to be threatening you.

But, what did you do? You choose to tell the media about it. Telling the whole world that Sabah is ain’t a safe place to stay. Sabahan are fanatic fans. YOU ARE DEFINITELY WRONG. I saw some greater artists than you that came to Sabah and at times people don’t really care about them even when they went to the cinemas.

We are not the JAKUN a.k.a the ORANG KAMPUNG. Most of us are educated. Most of us have good jobs and are tax payers, contributing to the nation income. If it is really not so cool and safe to stay in Sabah, why do you have to come again and again? Stay in your house in KL or somewhere. Take your husband with you if you want him to be with you all the time. We, Sabahans, don’t really care.

If really some people are annoying you just because they took selfies and wefies with your husband, get your husband back to Peninsular. I am pretty sure your husband is a nice person because he lets people take pictures with him. Maybe he contributes something to Sabah and he has his own fans, so? Ok, you said you received notification with tags or feel insecure? My advise, go home, go back to your place if you think Sabah and Sabahan are a bit fanatic about you.

Dato Siti Nurhaliza never say anything bad about Sabah. I wonder who are you to talk bad things about Sabah? If Sabah really annoys you and your family, you know where the airport is. Get everyone you love, out of Sabah. After all, we are fanatics yeah? Oh please…even if you are beside me in a mall, all that I will say is ‘Hi’ and then I proceed to my business. Oh, I forgot, I no longer admire your talent, so, even saying ‘Hi’ or asking for your signature is a BIG NO NO for me and most Sabahan too. Ain’t trusting me? Go to 1B and see who will go after you, my big guess is..your own shadow…

I am being over reacted? Read this..





All Images are taken from (Here is the LINK) Credit to

Liyana Jasmay, you want to sue me, go ahead and do sue all the people who are talking bad about you (Refer to the images above and the link). Why do they did that? Oh I forgot, because you did the same. You started it. Thank you.

My advise to you my dear ex talented actress and singer:

  1. Do be careful when you talk about other people ‘home’. I thought Malay People are polite and friendly..hmm not all maybe, sorry. You are one of bad example.
  2. Sabah people are friendly. They are nice. They never meant bad things, if ever someone intended to do that to you, you should have file some reports at the police station. Did you or did you not? So, who is to be blamed here?
  3. If Sabahan people are useless to you and you husband, well, there is nothing we can do about it. All that we know is we don’t really care who you are. Do whatever you want to do, say whatever you want to say, that is your right.
  4. My right is, to defend my fellow Sabahans. We are nice people. Sorry if Sabahans annoyed you and your husband. Liyana Jasmay, from now on, you are nothing for us, keep acting and keep singing, most Sabahan will surely not be supporting your work any longer. Why? Because you insulted us.
  5. Sue me for defending my beloved state and friendly Sabahans.



Lan a.k.a @curiostraveller


2 thoughts on “Sabahan People Are Friendly: FYI Liyana Jasmay

  1. oh really? I didn’t know that and I don’t really care now. I am positively sure that I have no interest at all taking pics with them. But anyway, wish them good luck in what they are doing. Safe or not safe, they still doing business here, it means one thing only, its actually safe to live, work and find money in Sabah.


  2. Katrina Jeffrey

    Curiostraveller ~ her husband is the owner Dapur Restaurant at Harbour City. Klau mo tengok hubby dia ko p sana.Mana tau ko mo bergambar sama hubby dia. hahahhaaa…..

    Liked by 1 person

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