Sharikat Biru-Biru Cafe and Bar-Trendy and Hipster

(Photos by @joehairie)

We love slurping drinks at Hipster Cafe. It is a trend nowadays to see how more and more hipster cafe become so establish and being crowded by the curious coffee and tea lovers. Recently, we had this opportunity to be the ‘impromptu’ customer at the Sharikat Biru-biru cafe. We did read some reviews from some bloggers and saw various postings in the Instagram, all of them being positive about this cafe. So, it’s time to head on to the Sharikat Biru-biru Cafe….by the way, Biru in English is Blue…so, Biru-Biru is Blue-Blue!

Sharikat Biru-biru is a cafe that replaced the old and famous Borneo 1945 Museum Cafe. Biru-biru cafe is occupying the ground floor of this building and above is the Borneo Backpackers Lodge. Click HERE  to find out more about the Borneo Backpackers Lodge. Location wise, it is on 24 Lorong Dewan, 88300 Kota Kinabalu. Refer to the map above for the precise location of this cafe.

Below are the signboard for the Cafe. From my readings, I found out that the owner came up with the name because they couldn’t find a proper name for this cafe so they decided to use the name Biru-biru which in the end coincide with the main color of the building (true or not, I am not sure). It is a hip name anyway, hipster that is.

There are 2 seating areas. The photo below is the outdoor seating area. For smokers and vapers, good news, you can smoke and vape as you please, be it indoor and outdoor.

This is another unique feature of this cafe. There is a big open up window and customers seating outside the cafe can actually order from the waiters through that big window.

The menu is quite extensive, choices of food and beverages that suits all day requests from breakfast to supper. Light snacks are available if you prefer to eat something not heavy for your stomach.

The Cafe does not serves pork but alcohol beverages are available for non-Muslims.

@joehairie ordered a scoop of Coconut Ice Cream that is priced at RM6.50 per scoop. A bit expensive I must say but acceptable as it is a hipster cafe anyway.

I ordered Coconut Mango Cooler which is priced at RM8.70. It was very delicious and refreshing. It was not too sweet, just as I preferred and the flavors uhhhh absolutely amazing. A good combination of Coconut and Mango.

We’re impressed with the decorations and layout of this cafe. The owner cleverly arranged things around and it looks more to a hip cafe.

We love the way the Barista making drinks for customers. He smiled so genuinely while doing his work.

It won’t be everyday that you will find a cafe with a bicycle hanging on the ceiling!!

The photo below shows the bamboo straw, quite unique I must say…

@joehairie’s having good time with his choice of Coconut Ice Cream…

Curios Traveller-happy with the visit to Biru-biru cafe

Overall, we’re happy and satisfied with the visit to this cafe. we are sure to be back here, lounging in their simple but vibrant cafe. The next time you are in Kota Kinabalu, give this cafe a try, you ain’t gonna regret it. There are some entertainments during weekend evening, check out their Facebook for some cool updates.

Sharikat Biru-Biru
24 Lorong Dewan, 88300 Kota Kinabalu
Phone: + 60 11 1412 3490
Facebook: Click HERE