Lucy’s Kitchen @ Imago Time Square Kota Kinabalu


Are you a person who loves Chicken Curry and list it as a must have item at least once a week? Well, I am. Where to have chicken curry in large portion at an affordable price in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah? Next time when you are in Kota Kinabalu (KK), head on to Imago KK Times Square, proceed to the basement floor and look for an outlet by the name of  ‘Lucy’s Kitchen’. This outlet has an extensive range of menu that will make your jaw drop looking at their menus and affordable prices.


We went to this Lucy’s Kitchen recently for dinner. We ordered Chicken Curry with Rice and Nasi Lemak (Fragrant Rice) with Beef Rendang Option. Initially, we thought it will be just like the other meals that we had in other food outlets. Well, we thought wrong as the orders came in a very big portion especially the Chicken Curry. It can be shared by 2-3 people. For beverages we ordered the Lucy’s Special (Kinda Cendol) and Canned Root Beer.


The Chicken Curry had 3 large pieces of Chicken. The Gravy was thick and tasted delicious. It is kinda more to Baba Nyonya recipe as it had Kerisik (Roasted Grated Coconut/Rustle-Click the link for to know how to make kerisik). The reason for using the Kerisik is to thicken the gravy as well inducing nice aroma and taste. Served hot from the kitchen, it certainly opened up my appetite. The aroma and fragrance instantly filled up the air (at least on my table) and right it goes into my sensory neurons. It was an amazing aroma and I hardly can’t get it out from my thoughts. It is a set meal thus it comes with rice. You may top up the rice (for a small price, I guess) if you want to, well someone will have to finish the gravy. All the spices used in cooking the curry blended well right to the bone. You can taste it if you try to suck the inner meat inside the bone. Yes, to that extent. I must describe it this way.


The Nasi Lemak or Fragrant Rice was delicious as well. It had generous portion of Beef Rendang. The condiments of Bilis (Anchovies) and Peanuts were crunchy. The Sambal (Thick Sauce) was not that spicy and tasted so delicious..went well with the rice and condiments. Beef Rendang were very tender and chewable. Spices used really helped in giving your taste bud a different eating experience. On top of that, the serving came with a fried egg (Sunny Side Up). As for the beverages, well there is no need for me to describe the Canned Root Beer but for the Lucy’s Special, now that was a different thing. It was so delicious and rich in ingredients. It had Cendol, Grass Jelly (Leong Fun), Cream and Gula Melaka. If you order this beverage, mix it well and start slurping, I bet its gonna be new interesting taste for newbies. (Click given links to learn more about that specific items)





The seating arrangement of this restaurant is divided into conventional dining table and Sofa Set seating. You can choose to seat anywhere you want to. Write your orders on the list prepared and simply hand it to any staff passing by. Your order will certainly come in a very short time and most importantly the service by waiters/waitresses is top-notch. We were impressed with their politeness and they did smile genuinely. The total bill was only RM 31.70 (USD 7.25). That is cheap if you look at the portion of the meals. Some other outlets in Kota Kinabalu will charge you more but with less portion for the same meal. Overall, it was very worth it coming here and we do look forward to come again to this Restaurant, pretty soon. Kudos, Lucy’s Kitchen!!!

Craving for the Lucy’s Chicken Curry? Head on to:

Lucy’s Kitchen
Unit B-42
Basement Floor
IMAGO Shopping Mall
KK Times Square Phase 2
Kota Kinabalu. Sabah
Facebook: Click HERE (Not Official Page)

Whats our verdict? (Cafe/Restaurant: Stand-Alone Category) (Score: 9/10 )

Ambiance & Overall Concept: 9/10

Food-Menu, Presentation and Taste: 9/10

Beverages-Menu, Presentation and Taste: 9/10

Service/Wifi/All other ‘Extras’: 9/10

Price: 9/10

Sabah Tourism website-LINK 

Lucy’s Kitchen aims high to serve quality all-Malaysian favourites such as the Oxtail Assam Pedas, Nasi Lemak Special (comes with a choice of chicken or beef rending, curry chicken or fried chicken), Basmathi Rice with Grilled Chicken and the oh-so-yummy Curry Salmon Fish Head. If you prefer to go Western, don’t miss the Asian Pasta (spaghetti served with fresh succulent seafood), Mix Grill and tender Lamb Shank with Mashed Potato.

For dessert, in addition to the sumptuous durian pancakes which have received plenty of good word, must-tries include the mango pancakes, Lausa Pau (pau with a milky custard filling), Lausa Sesame Balls (sesame balls with milky custard filling), Chocolate Molten and Rojak Buah. To quench your thirst, try the refreshing Blue Ocean drink, Lucy’s Special drink and Lucy’s Favourite drink which are soda water mixed with various fruit juices.

IMAGO Shopping Mall website-LINK

The best of Lucy’s recipes, from starters, mains and desserts to complete your dining indulgence within the comfort of Lucy’s Kitchen. Our latest restaurant concept is enhanced to better serve our valued customers. With an all-day dining menu, Lucy’s Kitchen is the place to be for comfort dining in any occasion.


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