Unduk Ngadau Winners (1960-1990)

The Unduk Ngadau Kaamatan is a beauty pageant held during the Kaamatan cultural event in Sabah,Malaysia. Unduk Ngadau title comes from the ethnic word Runduk Tadau which means ‘the girl crowned by the sunlight. In Rungus Language, Runduk means “to communicate”, and Tadau means “the Sun”, therefore Unduk Ngadau translates to communicate with Sundu(Kinorohingan) or God asking for blessing of sunlight.Below are the winners from 1960-1990( with images).

Ratu Kaamatan (1981-1990)

Julia Augustine (1990-Penampang)
Deidre Peter Monjuntin (1989-Penampang)
Jenny Alasa (1988-Penampang)
Joan Glory Tommy (1987-Penampang)
Joanna Sybil Disimond (1986-Penampang)
Florence Jipiu (1985-Penampang)
Esther Sikayun (1984-Penampang)
Janet Kinjau-Penampang
Margaret Dolly Jimayol (1982-Penampang)
Janet Dabi (1981-Penampang)

Miss Harvest Festival (1971-1980)

Roslina Amit (1980-Tuaran)
Mary Solly (1979-Penampang)
Veronica Jefferin (1978-Penampang)
Marjonie Kinjau (1977-Penampang)
Edwina Totu (1976-Penampang)
Rita Sikawa (1975-Penampang)
Susanna Jipanis  (1974-Penampang)
Mary Tikoh (1973-Penampang)
Evelyn Sinidol (1972-Penampang)
Mary Jaiko Imbayan (1971-Tamparuli)

Miss Kadazan (1960-1970)

Caroline Mojinil (1970-Penampang)
Sylvia Totu (1969-Penampang)
Rita Mojilis (1968-Penampang)
Florence Bibi (1967-Papar)
Patricia Sinidol (1966-Penampang)
Molina Daniel (1965-Papar)
Rita Bagong (1964-Tuaran)
Mary Badak (1963-Putatan)
Marcella Tiansim (1962-Papar)
Talian Bunal (1961-Papar)
Yong Mee Lan (1960-Penampang)


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