Krishna’s Fish Head Curry House @ Plaza Grand Millenium, Kota Kinabalu

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There are times when we all want to eat something different and spicy!!. Recently we had this sudden crave to eat some Indian food. When it comes to food associated to curry, there is only one good place to go which is the Krishna’s at Plaza Millenium. The curry here is the best in town!! Ain’t other places in Kota Kinabalu able to beat the authentic taste and thickness of the curry gravy at Krishna’s.

The exterior of Krishna’s

We actually have been here few times already but this is the first time that I am able to review this Restaurant in the blog. Krishna’s Restaurant is Halal Certified thus enable Muslim customers to come and enjoy the food here. The most sought out dish in this Restaurant is the Fish Head Curry. We luv it too!! Personally, I love the thickness of the curry gravy and I can actually eat my rice with the gravy alone!

Side walk dining area of Krishna’s

There are 2 outside dining area at Krishna’s. Indoor dining area available downstairs and upstairs. One thing that we like about this Restaurant is the friendly owner and his staffs. The owner will come to each table and talk to customers like they are his friends for years!! Not many Restaurants Owners willing to do that (okay, they might be busy). We secured a table and right after that the owner came with the menu.It is a straight forward menu. If you want to have Fish Head Curry, choose the size of the serving and mention any side orders. Alternatively, you can have the side orders as your main meal or choose from the Daily Set Meal section.


We ordered the Medium Size Fish Head Curry. Believe me, that medium size is actually more than enough for 3 people. The condiments varies and that alone made us full to the limit. The waiter will come with some clean banana leaf. On that leaf, the condiments will be served and upon request more will be added. (We didn’t ask for additional).

Condiments being served on the banana leaf

Look at the servings in the picture below. Rice, condiments and Indian Cracker, Papadom are served side by side.Again, no worries, the banana leaf is clean. The best way to eat this type of dish is by using your hand (right hand please). Wash your hand first.

The full servings for both of us.

Below is the picture of our Fish Head Curry that we ordered. Its massive actually. The curry definitely tasty, spicy, rich in taste and most important, thick. Ladies Finger was a nice feature, it tasted good in curry gravy. The flesh were thick as well and tasted sweet. There’s lot of fish flesh here and there. Awesome!

Fish Head Curry, Medium Size.

In addition, there were dhal, pickled cucumbers, chicken curry and fried chicken. It was an awesome meal, I must say. For beverages, I ordered Local Favorite which is the Iced Cendol. Its super sweet and creamy which helped me to cool down after that spicy curry meal. Joe had some iced water and later we were served with complimentary Teh Tarik.

Iced Cendol
Complimentary Teh Tarik

For the first time ever in a review, I am actually speechless as the visit to Krishna’s was an awesome one. We love the tasty curry and the portion as well. It was more than enough for the 2 of us. We were extremely satisfied with the services and products offered to us during our visit. We will definitely come again to Krishna’s whenever we crave for Indian Curry Meals.

Krishna’s Fish Head Restaurant
Lot 33, Grand Millenium Plaza
Jalan Pintas, Penampang
Kota Kinabalu,Sabah
Phone: +60 88 731 000/ 731 111

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      Yes, i called them and they do have surau upstairs so dont worry hehe. Anyway here is their number just in case you want to double check or wanting to make a reservation (in case full) 088 731 111

  1. The food pictures look amazing! Krishnas restaurant sounds like a very good idea. I’ve been wanting to try an authentic dish like this. Too bad it’s a thousand miles away from my country 🙁

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    1. Thank you Cumin&Curryleaf. The fish head curry here is the best in town. But I am sure there more competitors elsewehere.. I love curry too!!Thank you so much for the like and comment

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