Seafood Fest @ Seri 3 Rasa-Segama Waterfront Kota Kinabalu

(Photos by @joehairie)

Untitled 4
Creamy Wet Butter Prawn

Seafood is popular in Sabah for 2 reasons, it’s cheap and fresh. Locals and tourists here (those who are not allergic to seafood) often crave for seafood. There are abundant restaurants or stalls in Kota Kinabalu that serves seafood, cooked to your own preference.

For us (me and @joehairie), whenever friends coming over for a visit, we will always take them for a nice seafood fest at one specific stall (warung) which is located in the Segama Waterfront. This stall is famously known as Seri 3 Rasa. There are more than 10 stalls operates at Segama Waterfront. Seri 3 Rasa offers the best seafood selections, not only at reasonable price but fresh as well. Most importantly, the Chef never disappoint us as he cooks excellently.

How To Get To Segama Waterfront

Landmark 1-Hyatt Regency Kinabalu
Landmark 2-Todak/Merlin Statue

There are 2 landmarks located side by side that you need to pay attention to, The Hyatt Regency Kinabalu and The Todak/Merlin Statue. If you can clearly see this 2 landmarks (with the sea as your background), it means you are standing on the platform of Segama Waterfront. Segama Waterfront is located right beside the Central Market, which goes pass Wisma Merdeka, before stretching on to Suria Sabah.

Here, visitors can enjoy a view towards the South China Sea, and is often a popular location to watch Kota Kinabalu city’s sunset. Benches are provided here for visitors who wish to have a short rest from walking. Fishing is definitely a big NO NO here . Where are the stalls located? You need to look at the area where there a big tents erected. That is where all the stalls located. To locate Seri 3 Rasa, walk straight (in the first alley) and look for the name Seri 3 Rasa on your left.

The Stalls/Warung (5PM-Midnight)

Recently a friend, @khairul_zhafran came for a short visit and we took him to the Seri 3 Rasa Warung. He’s in for a surprise as he did not expect that we were going to order in bulk. We were actually very very hungry and so it’s time to be greedy (as usual)..

From left: @khairul_zhafran ,@curiostraveller  and @joehairie (pic time right before all the order came to the table)

We’re excited to see the spread of raw seafood. We’ve been here so many times but every time is like the first time for us. It was so difficult actually to choose which seafood that we want to have for dinner, let alone the style of cooking of each dish that we chose. Luckily the staffs were amazing and friendly. They patiently waited for our decision (fingers pointing here and there, uhhh so hard to choose!!)

Friendly Staff!! and patiently waiting for the ‘verdict’.

I’ll show you the pics of the raw seafood spread.

Selection of Fish
sri 8
More type of fish
Prawns/Udang and Sting Ray/Ikan Pari
Squid/Sotong and Crabs/Ketam
Prwans-Thenus/Udang Satak
@joehairie with his ‘thinking cap’..he’s actually looking at the kitchen area to ensure that all the list reach the Chef’s table.

So, what did we choose and how were the selection cooked to our preference? Let’s take a peek. Forgive us for being sooo greedy….but we were extremely hungry lol!!

Crab cooked in Kam Heong style

Kam Heong crab is a popular crab dish in Malaysia. The word “Kam Heong” literally means Golden Fragrance. It really does light-up the smelling senses and taste great. A profusion of smells from the key ingredients – curry leaves, curry powder, dried shrimps, shallots, garlic, and chilies.

Grilled Flatfish/Ikan Sebelah

The Flatfish grilled and right before it’s cooked, a layer of Malaysian Spicy Sambal being spread on top of the fish. The fish is cooked on top of a banana leaf to produce extra aroma. Served with another light soy sauce sambal with some limes.

Untitled 6
Dried Chili Shells/Kung Pao Shells

For this recipe, the style of cooking named as Kung Pao, also transcribed as Gong Bao or Kung Pao. It’s a spicy stir-fry dish made with shells, peanuts, vegetables, and chili peppers. Using the wok with strong flame, the Chef quickly integrated all the ingredients. (Seafood can be substituted with Chicken)

Untitled 4
Creamy Wet Butter Prawn

This creamy butter prawns is one of the most popular seafood dish. We glad that we chose this type of recipe. The sauce was so flavorful and tasty delicious. The Chef told us that before cooking, a proper cleaning need to be done to the prawns. It is important to cut the back of the prawns about three quarter deep and pull out the intestine neatly. That way the prawns will look curly as shown in the picture. There is another version-Dry Butter Prawn but we did not order that as we wanted the prawn along with the creamy gravy. Both recipes are easy to cook. If there’s a request by any reader, I will do a special entry about how to cook the prawns, wet or dry butter style.

Fried Squid

Most people know how to cook this. Squid coated with flour (plus the seasoning) and deep fried until golden brown. If you are tempted and want to cook this at home, be picky about what flour to use otherwise it will be hard for you to chew the squid. I was a Chef so I know how to cook this. Will share the recipe, if there is any request.

Imej 4
Sayur Pakis/Fiddle heads

Fiddleheads are the new fronds of the ostrich fern (Matteuccia struthiopteris), and get their colloquial name because their coiled form looks like the head of a fiddle. This type of vegetable have a taste reminiscent of asparagus, freeze well, and are easy to prepare. For our dinner tonight, the Chef saute the fiddle heads together with little prawn paste and chili.

Lato Salad-Seaweed with Sambal Belacan/Prawn Sambal

Lato salad is one of the seaweeds salad that is popular in Sabah. To eat it, simply apply with the Prawn Sambal and pop it inside your mouth. This seaweed is abundant in Sabah and is a favorite dish among the Bajau Laut people. Well we are not of Bajau Laut but we do eat this once in a while.

So. how much was the total price (the whole thing including beverages) :  RM 112/ USD 28.77 and if divided equally between the three of us, that’s cheap!! Were we satisfied? Definitely!! The Chef did good job in cooking all the dishes. How did we eat all those? By using hands and we omitted the spoon and fork. This is the best way to eat seafood, unless you are in the 5 star restaurant. Messy? Not really…let me show how we did it..

Wash the hand (eat using the right hand ok)
Now, eating process begins. Never mind if you spill some rice, that is acceptable.
If you think you had enough.. then you are done eating..
Wash your hands again, both hands.
To eliminate odor, play with some lemon. Plenty of that @Seri 3 Rasa. Wash hands again afterwards.

Whats my verdict? (Stall/hawker Category) (Score: 8.8/10 )

Overall Concept: 8/10

Food/Beverage-Menu, Presentation and Taste: 10/10

Level of Service: 9/10

Cleanliness: 8/10

Price: 9/10

This stall do not have any official page but someone created for them in Facebook. You may see more images in that FB page. CLICK HERE


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