RM5 Lamb chops in Kota Kinabalu? Check it out @ Warisan Sitaning Cafe

(Photos by @joehairie)


So, you are travelling on a tight budget but in need of yummy delicious meal? What about planning to have some yum lamb chops for dinner? Scared of the price? There is no need to be alarmed with the term Grilled Lamb Chops anymore,that is if you are in Kota Kinabalu. The Warisan Sitaning Cafe is currently offering Lamb Chops for RM5 per piece. The bigger portion is sold at RM7-8 depending on the size.

Look at the fat…

Recently, we went to try out some delicacies at this well known Cafe/Restaurant. We found out about this place through Instagram and read more about it in Facebook. I was in disbelief when I first read about the Cafe advertisement in Facebook. Being a Curios Traveller, I  must see for myself to believe what I read. So, off we went to this Cafe which is located University Plaza (UA 1) at Jalan Sulaman.

Nasi Ayam Penyet- Smashed Fried Chicken Rice

The Cafe was a bit full with patrons when we arrived, so we waited for quite some time to get a table. Later we learnt that most patrons were actually waiting for their Lamb Chops!! There will be a long queue of orders. If you want to come here, I suggest you come pretty much early in the evening to avoid disappointment of having queuing or worst-no more lamb chops!!! After securing a table, we ordered our main course : Nasi Ayam Penyet or in English, Smashed Fried Chicken Rice.  The Fried Chicken is smashed with the pestle against mortar to make it softer.

Sambal for the Nasi Ayam Penyet

The serving came with Sambal, slices of cucumber, fried egg plant, fried tempe and a small bowl of soup. The spicy sambal is made with a mixture of chili, anchovies, tomatoes, shallots, garlics, shrimp paste, tamarind and lime juice. Well, that’s my guess. Hope I am correct in lining up the ingredients. How was it? Well, I must say that the Nasi Ayam Penyet-yum delicious, crispy on the outside but softer meat indside. Luv it! Now lets take a peek at the Lamb Chops that we ordered. We ordered 2 pieces, one with the RM5 price tag and the other one RM7.

The 2 sizes of Lamb Chops that we ordered
RM7 Lamb Chop. Can you see the Fat?
From above: The yummy Lamb Chops

The Lamb Chops that we ordered had an earthy and distinctive taste, very tender, different from any other grilled lamb chops that we ever had and had lots of fat, which enriching the flavor especially when eaten with the special sauce prepared by Chef Atai Jambang. I can’t make up my mind about the ingredients of the sauce but basically it had some lemongrass, rosemary and garlic. Chef Atai told me that he will start the grilling from 6 pm daily. I suggest you go there right before 6 pm and start ordering when you see him grilling. That way you don’t have to be in the queue.

Craving for the RM5 Lamb Chops? Head on to:

Warisan Sitaning Cafe
No 21, University Plaza (UA1)
Jalan Sulaman, Sulaman
Kota Kinabalu, Sabah
Phone: + 60 11 3692 2050
Facebook : CLICK HERE

Photos below are taken from Warisan Sitaning Facebook Page

The Cafe Logo
Front of the Cafe
Lamb grilling in Progress-Yummy