Breeze Weekend Fiesta @Breeze Beach Club : The Pacific Sutera Hotel, Sutera Harbour

(Photos by @joehairie)


Recently, a friend invited us to experience the awesome Breeze Weekend Fiesta BBQ Buffet. Breeze Beach Club is situated by the swimming pool facing the wide blue ocean, Breeze enjoys fine dining in a chill-out atmosphere with the best sunset view in town. The open-air à la carte restaurant is complemented by a dining menu that includes tempting signature cocktails, a healthy salad bar, and fresh seafood on an ice-cold display ready to be picked and cooked to your liking by the chefs.We arrived at the Beach Club earlier to enjoy the magnificent view of the Pacific Sutera Hotel and its surrounding.

The luxurious 5-star The Pacific Sutera Hotel where the Breeze Beach club is located, features 500 immaculately appointed rooms and suites with contemporary décor and dramatic views of either the sprawling golf course or of the sea and nearby tropical islands.The grand entrance and high-ceiling lobby lounge offer an uninterrupted, panoramic view of the ocean and is a popular meeting point for leisure and business travellers. The Pacific Club guests enjoy the magnificent views from the top floors where breakfast and cocktails are served in the exclusive Pacific Club Lounge.


On the way to the Beach Club we did a little promenading at the Marina area. Indeed it was an amazing opportunity to see all the beautiful yacht docking. We could do some walking further up to The Magellan Sutera but we decided not to as we need to get the best table at the Beach Club. So off we went to the pool area of the Pacific Sutera Hotel until we see this little building with the signboard below.


We were immediately acknowledged by the staff and he invited us to choose our own table. We purposely pick the table that is near to the beach area so that we will be able to view the beautiful sunset later. As usual, I did a big round of the buffet counters and snap some ‘appetizing’ photos. The buffet spread was not that grand as in the usual hotel restaurants. Its a BBQ concept so the main dish were the grilled lamb, beef, sausages and chicken wings. The Chef will come to each table and do the serving for customers so no need to line up at the BBQ counter.


There were side dishes such as some salads, prawns, crabs, mussels and more. All of em’ looked so yummy delish. This is a self service area so if you come here you need to get your picks by yourself..don’t be lazy peeps!! Its worth the walk from your table.


On another side is the dessert counter, again self service. The day we came, the Club served fresh fruits, Cincau (a local dessert) and Chocolate Panna Cotta. Look simple but trust me that were enough for us as the grilled dishes were served to us again and again, endlessly until we said the big NO to the ‘walking’ chef. The appetizers and desserts didn’t make a large percentage on our plate.


The middle station, with white plates on top of the big vase is another station for main entrees. Limited selections but enough for us. Remember the Grilled items? That was the highlight for us.


This is how the BBQ counter looks, an insight for you guys if you decide to come here. Again, no need to line up here. The Chef himself will come to your table with all the skewers and do the servings for you.


There’s another station for the DJ to play his cool music all night long. The  music selections are more to jazz and the 90’s beat. We kinda like that.


Another view of some buffet counters. Look at the pool..quite near to the buffet area which is a clever tactic to attract those in the pool to come to the club and eat lol!. I bet those in the pool can smell the amazing aroma coming from the BBQ station.


This was the sunset view from our table. It’s nice to see how the skyline changed from one set to another set while having an awesome BBQ dinner.


We had the beach view from our table as well. It is a designated small beach area for The Pacific Sutera Hotel guests. Nice ya?


Before the sun set, staff will come to each table and switched on the ‘magic lamp’. There are actually some lights coming from the Club and buffet stations. So no need to worry of having your dinner in the dark. This ‘magic lamp’ is just for some aesthetic purpose. Below are some images showing how lights were being used to beautify the surroundings at night.


Unless you are coming with special one with the intention to have a formal romantic dinner, I suggest you wear slippers as I did. This way you can actually put your feet on the sand and play around while having your dinner. You can wash em’ later, no worries!


For drinks, I ordered Coke. Its enough for me as I did not want to take too much liquid inside me since my concentration was on the main dishes.


I started with this lovely creamy seafood soup. It tasted amazingly delicious. I took 2 servings of this soup actually.


For starters, I got myself couple of prawns, mussels, crab and mixed salad. All of em’ tasted so good and yummy. I love the prawns more, tasted sweet and salty, an indication of its freshness. Lovely!


And the chef came, serving us portions of Chicken wings, Lamb and Beef meat. The servings came with all necessary dipping sauces.


On I went with another serving of main dishes. Absolutely appetizing and tasted delicious that made me crave for more.


Believe it or not, I chose to have more appetizers and the seafood selection made a come back to my plate. I love those prawns, so fresh!!!


Okay, I admit, I was greedy but how can I say no the ‘walking chef with skewers’? He offered some sausages and more lamb and more chicken wings…oh my!!!


I ended my meal with some lovely desserts. I have to say that I am fully satisfied with the selections that I chose. All of em’ tasted so good. I do hope that I will have the opportunity to come again to this awesome Beach Club and have a wonderful BBQ dinner. It is truly a Fiesta as suggested by the BBQ theme.

While slurping our bevy, we were entertained by a spectacular fire dance show. Such an amazing show, an unforgettable ending to the lovely Fiesta BBQ dinner. Here is the video of that spectacular show. Thank you Breeze Beach Club and The Pacific Sutera Hotel for the lovely dinner.


Ohh before we went home, the photographer @joehairie insisted to have his pic taken while he’s resting his full stomach. Oh! there is this lovely net swing nearby to the Beach Club, that you can get yourself relaxing after fulfilling your stomach desire.

Craving for the same experience? Wait no more and head on to the Breeze Beach Club @ The Pacific Sutera Hotel to indulge yourself in their awesome Breeze Weekend Fiesta. Enjoy succulent grilled offerings such as beef, chicken, lamb and sausages barbecued over hot charcoal, cut and served at your table PLUS fresh seafood starters and refreshing garden salad. Put on your favourite beach wear and come feast with friends!

Breeze Beach Club, The Pacific Sutera Hotel
Sutera Harbour Resort
88100 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia.
Phone: +60 88 318 888   

Website: Click Here


General Information of The Breeze Beach Club

Opening Hours :

11.00am – 11.00pm (Mon-Sun)

Location : Level 1, The Pacific Sutera Hotel
Capacity : 70 persons

Cuisine :
Snack/Grilled A La Carte/Salad Bar
Sunset Cocktail complemented with Tapas
Fresh meat and seafood grilled to your liking.

Beverage :
Cocktails, Wines by glass and bottle, International Beers, Fresh Fruit Juice,
Healthy Juice Blends, Frappucinos, Coffee & Tea.