Relax Coffee Cafe @ Manggatal Plaza

(Photos by @joehairie)


Hidden somewhere in the abundant shop lots of Manggatal Plaza, Relax Coffee Cafe is making its way to be on par with the other modern or hipster cafes. Although this cafe is not located in the Kota Kinabalu CBD  (Central Business District), foodies and cafe hunters do keep going to this awesome and vibrant cafe. Initially, it was hard for me and my photographer @joehairie to locate this cafe due to its location. We know where Manggatal Plaza is but we did not know that a hipster cafe can be found at this ‘so ordinary’ place. It was about 3 weeks ago that we found out about this cafe through Instagram posts. To those who have never been to this cafe, this post is meant for you. Lets take a peek into what this Cafe has to offer to its avid cafe hunters a.k.a foodies.


Relax Coffee Cafe is precisely beside the CKS Supermarket and above Rice King Restaurant. The cafe is on the 1st floor so up we went until we saw the big signboard “Relax Coffee Cafe”. The entrance is on the left. I opened the door and was quite surprised by the artsy interior that was actually done the right way. The sofas are full of colors but maintaining black color as its background. It is more to the contemporary design and has that young and fresh touch. Indeed it is a hipster cafe. The ambiance itself will make you want to stay for hours. The owner philosophy match with what I have seen in this cafe. Here is how the owner described their own philosophy:

We love design, we love to relax, WE LOVE COFFEE very much, we love gathering, … and we designed a relaxing cafe for those who love to have coffee during their gathering.

Let us start by looking at some of the wall decorations. All of em’ are inspiring and full of quotes that you can actually read, think and apply to your own thoughts-see if its best suited your inner soul.

The arrangement of seating area are cleverly designed and will suit all type of customers, individual to large groups. There is one small detail that have been added by the owner, power sockets. It is a huge thing for those who are running out of power for their mobiles or laptops. There is at least one power socket at each seating area. To add to that little but important feature, this Cafe provides free WIFI. For me, these 2 details are equally important as the quality of the food and beverages. Why would you want to spend hours inside this cafe if you can’t get free internet connection? Well, unless you plan to spend hours talking to your friends. Lets have a look at the seating arrangement.

Long Table for large group. See that power sockets? That is one essential feature for the gadget geeks.
Comfortable sofa(s). Books and magazines-for your reading pleasure. Again, the power sockets. Cool ya?
More sofa(s) for lounging and tables for those who need to eat or work in a proper way.

Shall I say more about the seating area? I will the images do that for me.




Now let us see what we have ordered for this review. We were kind of greedy but we purposely did that to show you some of their specialties. We didn’t order anything from the main meals list as we were quite full .There is one blogger who ordered The Relax Sandwich Special (Tuna and Cheese served with coleslaw and nachos). Click HERE to read the review. We ordered Iced Cappuccino, Caffe Latte Blended, Ice Blended Green Tea and Ice Blended Mocha Latte plus one Oreo Crepes Cake. Ohhhh did I say we were full that we can’t order the main course? lol!! 

Ice Blended Green Tea and Ice Blended Mocha Latte
Iced Cappuccino, Caffe Latte Blended and Oreo Crepes Cake

We found out that all items that we ordered actually tasted good with the exception of the Oreo Crepes Cake. It was kinda too fluffy and I can’t taste the Oreo as the name suggested. Honestly, it tasted like more than 3 days cake, being stored in the fridge, waiting to be sold. Sorry, but I can’t lie and I have to be honest in my review. However, the beverages were awesome. We actually finished all 4, right to the bottom of the glass. Having said that, I realized that I must later do a second visit and justify all verdicts that I have relay in this review. It might be that next time the Cafe will prepare the freshest desserts, so surely I will give this place another visit. They deserved it for their wonderful interior concept and design.

Date Visited: March 23, 2016 (Wednesday)

If you are in the Manggatal area or happen to be passing the Jalan by pass Tuaran, it might be a good idea to drop by at this cafe and indulge in the aroma of your coffee while enjoying looking at the amazing and colorful interior design.

Relax Coffee Café
G-1-12, Menggatal Plaza, Manggatal
Opening hours: 1059 Hrs to 2301 Hrs
Phone: +60 19 8231127

Facebook: Click HERE