A Teaser to Sabah Traditional Food


I did plan to start this blog with a post of Sabah in terms of geography, the location and factual things. However, I decided that it is best to highlight one of the work that I got myself involved recently. I will write a lengthy post about it later as I must give way to @kulafoods Australia first to publish their version of this topic. They will do that pretty soon. This is their project actually and I was just helping them organizing the cooking demo. So, without further ado, say hello to the Sago Worms.

What do you think about that above image? Most non Sabahan people especially those from other countries will think of it as ‘disgusting’. So did Ting of @kulafoods, initially..until she decided to eat the cooked version. At first she was a bit hesitating but then she gradually accepting the fact that she must try and consume em’. And so she did…bravo. Verdict: She said it tasted like eating chicken with cheese (I forgot which cheese she mentioned).

I will elaborate about this Sabah Traditional Food Project soon. I will link this blog to @kulafoods Australia sites so that readers may get different interpretation and opinions about the Traditional Food in Sabah. Oh, they went to Sandakan as well to see the Orang Utan. An interesting topic to those who never meet the Orang Utan ‘in person’. Will do a similar post soon. Stay tune guys for more about Sabah and its uniqueness. This post is meant to give you an idea what uniqueness I am referring to. See you peeps in the next entry..cheers..