This post is an introduction to the entire ‘curios traveller’ blog. I know there are so many blogs available for reading online and definitely more and more blogs are featuring Sabah. However, I found out that there are only few blogs that dedicated the entries solely to Sabah and its offerings to travellers, be it culture, food or the travelling process itself. Most travel blogs are doing coverage globally, from one country to another country.

Sometimes it is a bit hard for those who plan to come to Sabah, to get a single reference online, saving them precious time rather than jumping from one blog to another to get bits of this and that about Sabah. It is a common thing when you read about Sabah and suddenly the blog move to another state, something that you don’t want to read about (or perhaps maybe later).

This blog aims at doing that thing, to save time for future travellers/visitors planning to come to Sabah. I will try my very best to relay some recent information about things in Sabah especially when it comes to the culture, food and travel related issues. Recently, a friend of mine, Pam from @kulafoods Australia, spoke about her daunting experience googling for information about Sabah. She planned everything last minute so she end up in getting whatever information found from surfing the internet. She and her team did enjoy the visit to Sabah (I think) but if they found out something particular earlier, the trip might be a bit interesting. So this is my objective, to help future travellers planning to come to Sabah. (Thank you Ms Ting for encouraging me to start writing). If you are looking for something that is not related to Sabah, this is not the blog for you. You are welcome to read the entries but be alert that you won’t find something about New Zealand, Hong Kong or Bali.

Currently, I am re branding my previous blog, and will concentrate on writing about my travel experiences beyond Sabah, in that particular blog. That blog will be ready sometime around mid May 2016. It is available online now but still under ‘construction’. Sorry about that. There are times when I will have to use information from other sources but as a professional blogger/writer, I will definitely give credit to the owner of the information/source by linking the post to their site, books or journals. This blog will also feature some interesting activities/festivals around Sabah and wherever possible I will do a coverage about each of the activity/festival. I am planning to attend some festivals in Sabah this year (2016) and you guys may check my itinerary (tentative) schedule in the Menu bar above (Events in Sabah-April 2016). I will update the the  events calendar on monthly basis.

My readers will get the most updated information about Sabah,mostly  first hand info from my own travel throughout Sabah. From time to time, this blog will feature some collaboration with some amazing people/organizations but of course it will be related to Sabah. I do look forward in getting some invitations from here and there, so I need to highlight the sponsors as well. An obvious way to make ends meet, honestly. Giveaways will soon (and will always will) come and it will be open to all my followers/readers, both in Instagram and this particular blog. It is a way to appreciate your time, supporting me. That prizes might come from my own ‘pocket’ but at times I will get the sponsors to prepare something interesting for the lucky winners.

That’s all for now, hope this blog will help you.




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